Florida Alimony Bill HB 943 Passes the House Floor Vote

TERRIFIC NEWS: Family Law HB 943 (alimony reform and time sharing reform) bill PASSED today on the House Floor vote. The VIDEO showing the passing of HB 943 bill (alimony and time sharing parenting) is now available. The discussion of HB 943 starts at 3:22:25 . CLICK HERE to watch the VIDEO Now it’s up […]


Urgent CALL-to-ACTION by Alan Frisher, FLR’s President: Dear FLR Members: Contact your Senator NOW using the following link and tell them to ADOPT HB 943 and VOTE YES for HB 943 on the Senate floor: https://www.flsenate.gov/Senators/Find We have worked long and hard to make alimony reform a reality in Florida. We are now closer than […]

Alimony SB 1248 Passes Senate Appropriations Committee

On April 21, 2015, the SB 1248 passed the Senate Appropriations Committee. CLICK HERE to watch the VIDEO of the hearing. What’s next? Now that both bills have passes all committees, the House Bill will be voted on the Floor this week. It is URGENT that you contact YOUR local representative and tell him/her to […]

Alimony SB 1248 Passes Another Senate Committee

Alimony SB 1248 passes the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Criminal and Civil Justice.If you missed it live, here is the link to the recorded video. The discussion on SB 1248 starts around 3:40, it gets postponed at one point, then continues around 110:45. CLICK HERE TO GO TO SENATE VIDEO PAGE

Florida Moves to Eliminate Lifelong Alimony

Florida lawmakers are considering an alimony reform bill that’s proved quite controversial. The measure would eliminate lifelong alimony payments and use a formula based on the length of the marriage and spousal income differential to set alimony amount and duration. Click here to READ MORE

Palm Beach Post – Overhaul of Florida’s alimony‬ laws may gain traction in 2015

TALLAHASSEE — After years of squabbling, strange bedfellows are finally united on a major overhaul of Florida’s alimony laws, agreeing to do away with permanent alimony and to use formulas to determine payment amounts based on the lengths of marriage and the combined earnings of couples. Click here to READ MORE

Family Law Reform PRESS RELEASE – SB 1248 Passes Judiciary Committee

“I’m an older woman who happens to pay permanent alimony”, says Tari MacMillan, giving her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday, holding nothing back. “I’m 64 years old and have been paying fifteen years on a 13 year marriage.” McMillan, sharing her plight with Senate members, right before the committee unanimously voted in favor […]

AP article in Tampa Bay Tribune – Alimony‬ reform bill again stirs passions

TALLAHASSEE — Florida lawmakers are considering a bill that would end permanent alimony in most future divorces, establishing formulas that would set time limits and amounts based on the length of a marriage and the income difference between spouses. Click image below to READ MORE:

Alan Frisher went to Tallahassee to advocate for Alimony Reform

On the week on March 09, 2015, Florida Alimony Reform’s president, Alan Frisher, went to Tallahassee to discuss alimony reform with state legislators. Among many legislators, Alan met with the new sponsors of this year’s alimony reform bills:  Representative Colleen Burton and Senator Kelli Stargel. Below are some pics taken during his visit there:

Channel 6 – New bill could mean big changes for alimony in Florida

Click on image below to watch the video on Channel 6 news website:  “New bill could mean big changes for alimony in Florida”.