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Switch to English sign up. Phone or email. Don't remember me. Ann Steele. All posts Ann Steele pinned post 16 Jan But when she made him choose between their life together and his lifelong dream, Will chose the latter, and left two weeks before their wedding. Return of the duke… Will has no illusions that Beatrix will welcome him back with open arms, but six years has not diminished his love or his desire for her. Someone safe and predictable… the complete opposite of Will.

But can he stop the wedding of the season and win Beatrix back, or is it just too late? From their very first meeting, Julia knew that Aidan Carr, the oh-so-proper Duke of Trathen, had a bit of the devil in him, a devil who secretly yearned for what he could not have, a devil who harbored a desire for her. So when she needed to be caught in a compromising situation, Aidan was the answer to her prayers.

Aidan is supposed to be looking for a bride, yet his scandalous liaison with Julia is all he can think about. Hot, erotic memories of kissing her skin, falling into her bed, pulling her naked body on top of his own continue to torment and tempt him.

What is it about this brazen seductress that he finds so hard to resist? And how can he stop himself from falling into her bed a second time? She learned the hard way that love makes a woman foolish and only leads to heartache.

Cristina Zambrano. Hi, do you have this serie in audio? Leave a comment Everyone in town knows about the bitter breakup of her marriage five years before, when Daniel Walker, her husband's tough, uncompromising lawyer, tore her reputation to shreds and left her with nothing but a wish to get even. But now something about Daniel makes her blood boil and her pulse quicken. Daniel has returned to Shivaree to once again match wits with Lily Morgan.

The thought of a rematch with Lily delights him, for he has never forgotten her hot temper--or her lovely looks. But when a shocking murder shakes the town, Daniel joins Lily to find a killer, and their unexpected partnership sparks something between them they never expected--desire.

Now Daniel, the strong-willed lawyer for whom winning is everything, realizes he must win the one reward he can't live without: Lily's forgiveness--and her love. Guhrke, Laura Lee - Breathless As a publisher, Harry finds reading etiquette books akin to slow, painful torture. Then she has the nerve to call him a liar, and even resigns without notice, leaving his business in uproar and his honor in question.

But when he kisses her, he discovers that his former secretary has more passion and fire than he ever imagined, for one luscious taste of her lips only leaves him hungry for more… 2 The Wicked Ways Of A Duke Once upon a time, there was a seamstress named Prudence who lived in a lodging house, worked very hard, and dreamed of a better life.

Then she inherited a fortune, met a handsome duke, and fell in love. Her life was wonderful, and it seemed as if she was destined to live happily ever after. Will Prudence ever find true love and happiness? Will the wicked duke mend his ways? Will she take him back or kick him to the curb? Happily Ever After? Always the proper gentleman, Phillip will do anything to protect his family from scandal, and when Maria dares to move in right next door, he knows scandal will surely follow.

She is as tempting as he remembered… and the more he sees her, the harder it is for Phillip to hide his own secret desire for her… 4 With Seduction In Mind A thoroughly modern woman… Daisy Merrick has to earn her living, but she keeps getting the sack. When her rash tongue costs her yet another job, the feisty, outspoken girl-bachelor is undaunted, and she comes up with a plan that could give her a future beyond her wildest dreams.

When Daisy arrives on his doorstep, hired by his publisher to help him write his next book, Sebastian has no intention of cooperating. The provoking, fire-haired beauty stirs his senses beyond belief, and when collaboration forces them together at his country home, Sebastian knows he has only one way out. Expand text… Anthony has hired Daphne to restore the priceless treasures he has been digging up, but it's hard for a woman to keep her mind on her work when her devastatingly handsome employer keeps taking his shirt off.

He doesn't know she's alive, but who could blame her for falling in love with him anyway? Anthony thinks that his capable employee knows all there is to know about antiquities, but when his sister decides to turn the plain young woman in gold-rimmed glasses into an enticing beauty, he declares the task to be impossible.

Daphne is devastated when she overhears… and determined to prove him wrong. Now a vibrant and delectable Daphne has emerged from her shell, and the tables are turned. Will Anthony see that the woman of his dreams has been right there all along? Disgraced and destitute, Grace Cheval wants nothing to do with the seductive man who desires her.

When Dylan offers her a position as governess to his new-found daughter, she knows his true intentions are dishonorable. Yet she finds this charismatic man hard to resist, and she returns his passionate kisses with a fire that matches his own.

Can Dylan dare hope that this proud, spirited beauty will melt the ice around his heart? Heartbroken, she vowed never again to let the deceiving scoundrel into her bed. John never intended to hurt the headstrong beauty who has become a stranger to him. Now, after years of sham marriage, he is in need of an heir, and John is faced with a luscious, intriguing challenge—seducing his own wife. He must persuade Viola back into their marriage bed, but this time, he may be the one to lose his heart.

The illegitimate daughter of a prince and a notorious courtesan, Lucia has been confined to schools and convents for most of her life, but that hasn't stopped her from causing one scandal after another. Exasperated, her royal father decides his hellion of a daughter must be married immediately. And Sir Ian Moore, Britain's most proper diplomat, is the perfect man to choose her a groom. Diplomacy, not matchmaking, is Ian's forte, and he vows to find a husband for Lucia as soon as possible so that he may return to important duties.

Yet despite an abundance of eager, worthwhile candidates, none is a match for Lucia's spirit and fire. The more time Ian spends with the Italian beauty, the more reluctant he becomes to find her a groom.

Could it be that Lucia's perfect husband is the man assigned to find her one? Edmond is a wanted man throughout the Colonies, but despite his formidable reputation, he desperately needs help to nurse his wounded brother back to health. Only Lizzie can be trusted not to turn Edmond over to authorities for the price on his head.

Before long, both succumb to the reckless desire renewed between them. She follows him aboard his pirate ship and sets sail into a world rife with passion and peril. And readers of her successful gossip rag live for the exploits of her favorite subject: Daniel Balfour, the notorious Earl of Ashford.

So when the earl himself marches into her office and invites her to experience his illicit pursuits firsthand, Eleanor is stunned. Expand text… Gambling hells, phaeton races, masquerades. What more could a scandal writer want than a secret look into the life of this devilishly handsome rake?

Daniel has secrets, and if The Hawk's Eye gets wind of them, a man's life could be at stake. And what better way to distract a gossip than by feeding her the scandal she desperately craves? But Daniel never expected the sharp mind and biting wit of the beautiful writer, and their desire for each other threatens even his best-laid plans. But when Eleanor learns the truth of his deception, Daniel will do anything to prove a romance between a commoner and an earl could really last forever.

Successful playwright Maggie Delamere has no interest in the flirtations of noblemen like Cameron, Viscount Marwood. She once paid dearly for a moment of weakness…and vows to rebuff the wildly persistent—and irritatingly handsome—scoundrel at every turn. Sarah knows discovery would lead to her ruin, but marriage—to a vicar, no less—could help protect her from slander. An especially tempting option when the clergyman in question is the handsome, intriguing Jeremy Cleland.

His mission must remain a secret, even from the new wife who stirs his deepest longings. Temptations of a Wallflower - Eva Leigh. Olga Yurchenko. Where Gurhke is good, this is filthy, boring and inplausible It shouldn't be, but it is.

But when she finds him standing before her at a country house party, as devastatingly handsome as ever, old temptations prove difficult to resist. One stolen kiss is all it takes. A proper gentleman Thornton buried his past and his feelings for Cleo long ago. A mad passion Cleo is hopelessly trapped in a loveless marriage, and Thornton is on the cusp of making an advantageous match to further his political ambitions.

Theirs is a love that was never meant to be. Or is it? A love like no other Their kisses are scorching, their passion undeniable. Or so Tia thinks until he carries her to her chamber and undoes half her buttons while kissing her senseless. When they unleash the scandal of the century, they must face consequences that are deeper and far more dangerous to their hearts than either of them imagined.

Will they find love, or was the reckless need between them doomed from the start? Instead, she prefers to spend her time championing the causes nearest to her heart through writing articles for the London Beacon. Not the average man Levi Storm built his empire the hard way, spending years working his way out of the slums where he grew up.

One sweet scandal When scandal looms and Helen discovers a shocking secret about Levi, she does what she must to protect herself. Scarlett Scott by A Mad Passion. Maryliz Liz. Ashley Tuckey Apr 22, at pm.

The Wallflower Wager (Girl Meets Duke, #3)

This is the third book in the Girl Meets Duke series, and one that I was particularly looking forward to having met Lady Penelope Campion in early installments. She was the delightfully sweet animal lover who made sham sandwiches that Emma and Alexandra made their beaus pretend to like. She lives alone with a chaperone who should probably retire, surrounded by her animals, but her aunt makes it clear that Penelope can only remain in London if she makes an attempt to marry and rejoin society. Her next door neighbor is ruthless business man Gabriel Duke who bought and restored the town home next door.

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BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Duchess Deal’ by Tessa Dare—4 Stars

The brand new, must read regency romance of from Tessa Dare. A must read for fans of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer. Tessa Dare is the New York Times bestselling, award-winning author of more than a dozen historical romances. A librarian by training and a book-lover at heart, Tessa makes her home in Southern California, where she shares a cozy, cluttered bungalow with her husband, their two children, and a pair of cosmic kittens. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? I laughed out loud numerous times Two sworn enemies - a bookish daughter of a scholar and an arrogant heir to a Duke made a pact: If they were single in a decade they would get married. Nicola thought this was a joke. The Duke of Westleigh did not.

Girl Meets Duke

Once upon a time, two sworn enemies—the bookish daughter of a scholar and the devilish heir to a duke—made a pact: If they were both still single in ten years, they would marry each other. Nothing Nicola says can dissuade him. When she calls him arrogant, he praises her honesty. When she makes social stumbles, he catches her fall.

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I am offering to marry you. When the Duke of Ashbury returns from war scarred, he realises he needs an heir - which means he needs a wife! When Emma Gladstone, a vicar's daughter turned seamstress visits wearing a wedding dress, he decides on the spot that she'll do.

Tag: Girl Meets Duke

Wealthy and ruthless, Gabriel Duke clawed his way from the lowliest slums to the pinnacle of high society—and now he wants to get even. When her imposing—and attractive—new neighbor demands she clear out the rescued animals, Penny sets him a challenge. She will part with her precious charges, if he can find them loving homes. She writes the most adorable heroines, the best brooding, troubled heroes and some of the wittiest banter.

The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare. We adore Tessa Dare and her beautiful romance novels. We laugh and swoon as we watch two seemingly opposed characters come together, heal past hurts, and fall in love. In fact, the injury leaves one side of his body totally scarred and disfigured. Miss Annabelle Worthing is so disgusted, that she jilts Ash, despite his title and wealth.

Author: Tessa Dare

Darelings, I love you both. Mom achievement unlocked! Prologue Alexandra Mountbatten had common sense. The truth was, Alex had no sense at all—at least, not when it came to charming gentlemen with roguish green eyes. Even now, more than half a year later, she could revisit the embarrassing scene and watch it unfolding, as though she were attending a play.

Read "The Wallflower Wager Girl Meets Duke" by Tessa Dare available from have formed a solid friendship amongst themselves Can't wait for Nicola's story. Rating: 5 - ‎Review by Norah G.

Enjoy, darlings! The Wallflower Series by Lisa Kleypas. Four young wallflowers band together to navigate the treacherous waters of London society. Husband hunting hijinks and heart-felt, deliciously steamy romances ensue.

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When she opened this newspaper, the clocks resumed ticking. Time had caught up with them, and one way or another, their stolen era of passion would come to an end. Better to be prepared.

When the Duke of Ashbury returns from war scarred, he realises he needs an heir — which means he needs a wife! When Emma Gladstone, a vicar's daughter turned seamstress visits wearing a wedding dress, he decides on the spot that she'll do. His terms are simple: - They will be husband and wife by night only.

I know, I know, there is a long time to wait until we get to read the book. But still, I am looking forward to reading The Bride Bet.




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