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Which one-shot is your favorite so far? Plus, sorry if you don't understand some of the references. It was the beginning of a fairy tale. A modern one, which meant there was no guarantee of either not being totally and utterly pessimistic about absolutely everything. Though, they weren't the kind to share secrets.


Lucas and Maya

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Which one-shot is your favorite so far? Plus, sorry if you don't understand some of the references. It was the beginning of a fairy tale. A modern one, which meant there was no guarantee of either not being totally and utterly pessimistic about absolutely everything.

Though, they weren't the kind to share secrets. Maya and Jess had deep-rooted trust issues, only Maya wasn't so direct about them. You know I'm trash, it's how I live. Trust me, you're not trash. He wasn't gossip-worthy, to be honest. Cute, but not Brendon Urie obsession. She arched a brow, wondering why Jess was making such a fuss. The brunette looked up at her, surprised. Hey, I was actually wondering. Does this place happen to be hiring? I can get you the boss's number, I know her very well.

Thaks again, I guess. While you're at it," he grinned, "maybe I can get your number. Maya laughed. Maya smirked, backing up and tightening her ponytail. He felt this was going to be interesting. Let it be a dream, or a nightmare to unfold. She looked at him, laughing at his suggestion. The second time, I mean.

Besides, we're just friends. Stop romanticizing everything. Maya didn't notice how she glanced back at Josh as he came out, sending each other a smile. She went to clear a table.

Josh sat at a table with Maya, discussing important things. Vampires can only fight during the night, and they can't exactly feed on zombies," Maya argued.

It's like on Supernatural, dead's man blood equals poison. It's made it harder for you to think straight," he teased. Josh leaned over, poking her head. Why are even staying?

I'm the one who's supposed to close up shop, you could have been home an hour ago. Josh rolled his eyes now, standing up and walking behind her. She asked what he was doing, his hands entangling themselves into her hair.

Josh pulled her hair tie out. Now, shut up, anyone would be lucky to have you. Maya looked away, smiling faintly at his compliment. You still have to go home. Josh walked into work one day, looking exhausted with his hair messy. Maya furrowed her brows at him when he didn't greet her as he normally did. He looked at her, contemplating. After a minute, he sighed. Maya didn't wait another moment to hug him, pulling him into her arms. Josh was stiff for a second, before resting his chin on her shoulder.

Pulling back, Maya ordered him to do something. Anytime you're feeling down, or having trouble sleeping, text me or call me. Josh felt it stir in him to do so, to take her offer. I don't know a whole lot of people who would willingly answer a call late. Tired, but restless. Hurry up and give me your number, we've got work to do, slowpoke.

He wrote it on her arm, which got him a lot of playful mocking for the day. Maya got even more from Jess. Maya was on her computer, listening to music and looking at more Pinterest photos of art better than hers. At least, in her opinion. Grabbing her phone, Josh's name appeared. Maya sighed. Call me? Josh walked up to Maya on her break. She was bobbing her head gently, her headphone connected to her phone with a pencil in her hand.

He admired her when she was like this, sitting comfortably with her legs on her chair, sketching in her notebook. Josh sat across from her. Maya saw him and pulled her headphones down to her neck. On it was the drawing of a dragon, assumingly a mother, guarding an egg and roaring at a thunderstorm. I wish I had a talent like that. You're amazing without being able to move a pencil. I still can't believe my brother is so old," he joked.

Maya mustered a smile for him. She wasn't in any mood to socialize she would rather be huddled up in a big, fuzzy blanket watching That 70's Show but didn't want to ruin his mood. Have I lost my touch, or are you extra depressed today?

There was a deep, dark hole in her eyes where the usual light, however dim, should be. Maya's smiled faded, pulling her legs up to her chest on his couch. Remember when you said life was in slow motion? I mean, it's always been like that. I can't really Describe it. It's hard. If you want a diagnosis, I hate myself, the universe, and everyone in it. Except for you and Jess, anyway. I mean, I've always wanted to be one of the stars in the sky, but I can't really get there.

Josh watched her for a moment. Her voice was so heartbreakingly quiet and flat. As if there was nothing left to have emotions for. I want to tell you to shut up because you're my favorite star. You suck at lying, but you're sweet," Maya smiled weakly. Josh rolled his eyes, pushing some of her blonde curls behind her ear. It's a hibernation day, now. And don't," he added as a second thought, "say Supernatural. Maya laughed, pleasing him with a real smile. He was walking with her away from the coffee shop one day.

Next thing I know, you're flirting with me and making me feel good. You should stop. But this stupid confidence thing that you, when you talk to me like I'm great how I am, it's way too annoying. It's got me thinking of you, like, all the time.

Josh smiled more. So stop it. I don't like it. Josh looked at her for a moment, before leaning over.

Aloha, my fellow readers. Well, I've decided that the gender of the Rucas baby is going to be a girl. And I came up with a list of names for the Rucas baby:. Which name do you like for the Rucas baby?

Maya sunk to the ground as tears streamed down her face. She wrapped her arms around her bent knees as the chilly, autumn wind nipped at her skin.

Firstly, I want to say thank you so incredibly much for all the love you all have shown me and this fic! It really means a lot. Now I'll be updating another chap right after this one so look for that. Anyways, enjoy :D.

For as long as Maya Hart could remember she had the ability to communicate whatever she was feeling through her art. Her mother has told her over and over again that she had received her gift from her father, who left them to follow his dream of being an artist. It wasn't until after her accident that Maya started to struggle with who she was and if art is what she truly wanted to do with her life. The accident changed everything for Maya; she now has to hide her scars behind long sleeve shirts and gloves. It happened one night when her mother was working late at the diner; someone had broken into their apartment and took something of Maya's that she could never get back. Make sure that you are at school on time today. Katy leaving Maya was nothing new, but Maya thought that after the accident she would be a little more protective over her daughter. In reality Maya was standing in front of her mirror staring at the scars that were littered across her body. Once Maya finished covering up her body with long sleeves she started to make her way to Riley's house.

I usually do these at the end but whatever. Here is my promised one-shot. It is a prequel of sorts to my story, Time Does Funny Things, but if you haven't read that, don't worry about it. Hope you all enjoy.

Riley saw the forest spinning.

Because of what she was wearing. She has hickeys and bruises on her neck and skin. It's Riley.

They are mainly known as Lucaya. Maya first noticed Lucas on the subway and had a "relationship" with him for less than a minute. It was later revealed that Lucas is in the same history class with her.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World: Lucas and Maya (fanfiction)

So, there may be some parts of the story where it is in third-person point of view, but I decided to change it and I don't think I got it all. So just ignore those mistakes. And please, if you can be triggered by self-harm or even brief mentions of sexual assault, please do not read. This story contains such things. Nobody knows the real me.

Or well, a Maya and the Matthews 's moments story. It is another songfic, inspired by the song Those Nights by Skillet. If anybody is ever going through a hard time, I recommend their music. Some of the lyrics are in this story. Oh a little warning, it contains a little bad language. Nothing to terrible though.

Oct 9, - Rucas, Joshaya, Smarkle and Corpanga. P.S. I Do Not Own Girl Meets World. Rated: Fiction M - English - Humor/Drama - Maya H., Riley M.

Hey guys! I am so happy that y'all loved This is Growing Up. I hope y'all like this next installment of the story. Y'all will find out answers from the many questions that y'all were left asking during This is Growing Up , and they will be a bit surprising. There will be a lot of flashbacks, a lot of drama, a lot of emotional pain.

Summary: Riley has a dream that made her breakdown. When she goes to school, she isn't herself and her friends are concerned and wondering what's wrong. Riley was walking in complete darkness with thick fog surrounding her. She didn't know where she was or where she was heading to.

In Riley's dream she saw vampire and one was about to suck her blood and then Riley woke up screaming. Riley started crying and said Maya I had a nightmare about vampires and one was about to bite me and drink my blood. Honey calm down I'm right here said Maya. Then Maya turned off the light.

Hello, my fellow readers. I am so excited to see the episode.




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