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Hashtag sisters look what you made me do fast

BY Soha 11 Jul, views 9 min read. The first thought we had after knowing Sanchita and Prasoon's story was- "where can we find a sister like that? At one side we have all been reading about the Gupta Wedding that did more harm to the society than good, while on the other, is this striking eco-friendly Bikaner wedding that comes as a breath of fresh air! From wedding cards and hashtags for decor made from recycled paper to seed balls and saplings as Mehendi giveaways and DIY haathphool and badges, this wedding is a complete guide on couples wanting to opt for a more natural, 'green' wedding!

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do (Haschak Sisters Cover)

An Eco-Friendly Bikaner Wedding With Striking Outfits, Heirloom Jewellery & Lots Of DIYs!

Shopify uses cookies to provide necessary site functionality and improve your experience. By using our website, you agree to our privacy policy and our cookie policy. The Instagram bio often is treated as an afterthought—a line or two about your company you hastily fill out when creating your account. In reality, your bio is valuable social media real estate that welcomes users to your profile, creates a first impression of your brand, conveys key information about your business, and turns profile visitors into followers and followers into customers.

But aside from writing a catchy company description, how else can you optimize your profile to make the most of your Instagram marketing efforts? An Instagram bio is a small summary, found underneath your username, about yourself or your business.

In your Instagram bio, you can include a short description, contact information, emojis, and more, provided you keep it under characters. Your bio can include one external link, hashtags, and a username, which you can customize separately from your handle i. Remember, your bio is one of the main things people look at when deciding whether or not to follow you on Instagram—so make every piece of information count.

It may not seem like you have much room to work with when you consider everything your profile should accomplish. Good Instagram bios will:. The tips below will help you understand how to make money from Instagram and drive traffic more effectively with a perfect bio. Your profile photo is one of the first things people will notice in your Instagram bio. Make sure you use a photo that:. Keep in mind the minimum profile picture size is x pixels.

Your username is one of the most important aspects of your Instagram bio. Use your business name if possible. People searching for your business account are more likely to find it that way. Your profile description is the core of your Instagram bio. Clickable links are not allowed anywhere on Instagram outside of the Website field in your bio.

Add a link in this box to send visitors to your website, a Messenger bot, a specific campaign, or anywhere you want to drive traffic. The Category section shows up under your business name and is generated by the category chosen on a linked Facebook page. Indicating your business type will give visitors a better, immediate idea of the products you offer.

Call-to-action buttons are a huge part of a good Instagram bio. When people visit your profile, you may want to give them an easy way to contact your business. You can add a few different action buttons depending on the type of business you have:. Story Highlights are groups of Stories you can present as clickable thumbnails on your Instagram profile. Once you post a Story, you can save it to Highlights that will display in your bio. You can also save Stories in an archive and use them for future Highlights.

Since you only have a limited number of characters at your disposal, there are a handful of objectives you need to prioritize in your bio before you start optimizing the rest of your profile. However you choose to express it, the first thing your bio needs to accomplish is explaining what your business offers and who you serve.

When new users discover you on Instagram, you need to quickly give them the info they need to stay interested. For many brands, such as Knix in the example below, that means explicitly spelling out who they are in clear and simple terms.

If you have a branded Instagram hashtag , include it in your bio to draw clicks and take interested users to an Instagram feed of branded or user-generated content. Just type it in your bio as you would any hashtag. Pura Vida Bracelets , for example, uses a clickable tag in its bio to promote the branded hashtag PuraVidaBracelets. This actively encourages customers to create a new post, use the branded hashtag in their Instagram captions , and share photos of themselves wearing their bracelets.

Branded hashtags are also searchable, which provides a variety of benefits, such as:. Similarly, you can tag other accounts to direct profile visitors to your additional properties.

If you have a sub-brand with a separate Instagram account or a partnership you want to highlight, you can mention it in your bio i. Fashion Nova is a fantastic example of a brand that uses mention tagging well in its bio. By tagging these accounts in its main profile, Fashion Nova ensures it sends users to the accounts with the content and products best suited to them. There are a number of different actions you can prioritize in your bio you can even squeeze in a couple of different CTAs so consider what would be most valuable to your business and make room for that.

Leesa , for example, has two CTAs in its Instagram bio: one encouraging users to share and tag it in content and the other driving users to click the link and learn more about its products.

Keep in mind that you can adapt your bio to promote special events, like a seasonal sale, contest, or upcoming trade show. You can always swap in new CTAs and links to prioritize limited time offers or events. With swipe-up Story links and Shopping on Instagram , there are plenty of options to drive traffic to your site. If you want to track how effective your bio link is at driving traffic relative to other Instagram sources, you can use a URL shortener like Bitly , along with UTM tracking, to measure click-throughs.

You can change your bio link as often as you want and increase its effectiveness by letting users know in individual posts and stories to check out your bio link for more info.

From here, you can enter contact information or channels that make it easy for customers to reach you, such as:. People will use the contact information you provide, so only enter information for customer service channels you actually support.

The Shop tab will appear by default after you set up Shopping on Instagram and start tagging images with product tags. You can easily set this up in your own Shopify store. They can tap on any of these photos to view them and to learn more about the products featured and tap once more to visit the product page on your website to make a purchase. Try to only use product tags on photos that clearly show off your products in order to create a carefully curated gallery under your Shop tab.

Instagram Stories are an essential part of Instagram marketing, and Story Highlights give them a longer lasting presence on your profile. These Highlights will live in your profile indefinitely, right underneath your bio, above your feed, and when clicked will show the saved Stories one after another. United By Blue has Stories curated for product collections, its environmental cleanups, its online store, news, and press.

This gives you a chance to control the narrative, and even produce Stories with the express purpose of turning them into Highlights. There are countless ways you can organize your Highlights, but some of the more common themes include:. To give followers extra incentive to jump over to your site and make a purchase, consider putting a coupon code in your bio. Discounts and promo codes are proven conversion drivers. Not only do they drive users to your site to make a purchase, they also give you a more accurate way to track these conversions.

Then dig deeper into the data and see what those people are buying. Use those insights to inform your Instagram strategy. Partner with a local Instagram influencer to promote your brand. The possibilities for insights truly are endless.

IGTV is an extension of Instagram that lets brands create videos up to an hour long versus 60 seconds with a standard video post. These IGTV streams happen live and are then published to your main page so users can tune in later.

Kylie Cosmetics has built a strong loyal base of customers largely thanks to the influence of social media. Though product tutorials may seem a straightforward strategy, brands are also pushing creative boundaries with IGTV.

Bacardi, for example, used it to create a music video with Grammy-winning artists—it even gave followers the role of director, allowing them to be a part of the process. You might not be ready to make a full-blown music video, but there are tons of other ways to use IGTV to enhance your Instagram bio:.

Its bio has a clear and straightforward brand voice that aligns to its other communication channels. It also incorporated its hashtag and a simple URL to the main website. Footwear brand Manitobah Mukluks has an Instagram bio with a carefully curated visual aesthetic.

Complementary Instagram bio photos and Stories thumbnails give it a clean, on-brand look. It also shares fun emojis, its branded hashtag, and custom clickable links to contests. The bio also succinctly tells followers about upcoming events and sale items. Social proof in the form of a nod from the Boston Globe and plenty of emojis give this Instagram bio the perfect balance of business and fun. The apparel retailer puts emojis in the titles of its Stories, which promote events, product collections, and giveaways.

Its bio includes a branded hashtag and a link to shop for items posted to Instagram. It uses Stories to go behind the scenes and show off the custom, handmade process that goes into its rings. Here, the Instagram bio also has a CTA to get customers to share their content via a branded hashtag, which Beth Macri can then repurpose for its own marketing initiatives.

Also, Blume expresses its visual aesthetic with on-brand colors and style. The Linkin. The voice conveyed in the copy is completely on brand, matching the humor of its overall brand voice. A simple Linkin. The Linktree link takes you to a page where you can engage in more content, get a freebie, or shop the full online store.

ColourPop Cosmetics uses its Instagram bio to share a branded hashtag and remind users that its products are cruelty-free—in part by including a cute animal emoji. It also let visitors know where else they can find the brand, via Tik Tok, where ColourPop shares beauty tips and tricks.

Love Hair mostly dedicates its Stories to highlighting product collections, though it also shares tips to help customers better care for their hair. It reiterates the benefits of its products, includes a branded hashtag, and drive users to its website homepage. Quad Lock has a uniform, icon-based approach to its Stories thumbnails, with black backgrounds and striking white graphics.

Its bio highlights its free shipping policy and promotes Quad Lock sister brands. The bio also drives followers to a Linktree landing page. Studio Proper , which also sells cases for phones and electronic devices, uses the inverse for its Stories thumbnails: a white background with black illustration. Here, the Instagram bio is sans emoji, creating a clean and simple aesthetic. This is the first instance in this list where an email address is included.

Instagram Bio Ideas: 9 Steps to Crafting the Perfect Copy for Your Brand

This week, mattyb sits down and watches the haschak sisters' new music video, "when a girl likes a boy! This week, ivey sits down to watch and react to the haschak sisters' hit song, "when a girl likes a boy"! Ivey reacts: like a girl haschak sisters funniflix.

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Hashtag Sisters

As of February , Instagram boasts over 1 billion active users, million of whom use Stories every day to quickly update their followers. Now businesses have adopted Instagram as one of their main revenue generating tools. Today Instagram has over 2 million advertisers and 25 million business profiles! Via Instagram. Double tapping the heart when something is like-worthy is invigorating. Is it primarily a Harry Styles-following demographic or are we looking at an upper-class, chess-playing retirement community? Why do I predict this? As most of you are aware, Facebook started at Harvard, branched out slowly to other ivy-leagues and colleges across the country, and now has a wide international presence and includes demographics of every age, gender, race, and creed. Also, with Instagram being a Facebook-owned company, this is only going to speed up growth for the platform: Facebook has an audience of 1. It's also insightful to look at the countries with the highest numbers of Instagram users :.

Haschak Sisters FIRST MUSIC VIDEO - So Hot

A collection of the most popular Haschak Sisters music lyrics Jul 13, - Explore johnnyhickerson's board 'the Haschak Sisters' on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sisters, Hashtag sisters and Sister songs. Jul 13, - Explore johnnyhickerson's board 'the Haschak Sisters' on Pinterest. Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources.

I must admit that at first this girl intimidated me. I thought she didn t like me lol.

For all the good times we have spent all these years I wonder how you could be so loving yet always right. You assured daddy that you would take care of me when you are only six, who stands on a promise given at that age but you did, I always fail to convey myself when it comes to you because what you mean to me is more than I could express. I love the way we both laugh out of nothing until we cry and kudos to your own created dance forms that only I have the privilege of watching. Looking at you now as a mother makes me feel more confined and overwhelming as it remind me of the days of how you have taken care of me as a child.

Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do (Haschak Sisters Behind-the-Scenes)

As far as social media marketing goes, Twitter is one of the major players. We will also suggest you 23 easy to implement strategies to increase both your engagement and your CTRs on Twitter. We feel you, Klondike.

Find this Pin and more on Hashtag sisters by Nitsa Oz. Hashtag Sisters. Find this Pin and more on Awsome by Jasmine morrison. Shawn Mendes Concert. Shawn Mendes Quotes. Shawn Mendes Imagines.

11 Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands in 2019

Goodbye, Perfect is a beautiful and emotional contemporary YA novel, with a powerful friendship at its heart, by bestselling author Sara Barnard. And it's the last person she would have expected. As the days pass and things begin to unravel, Eden is forced to question everything she thought she knew about the world, her best friend and herself. It made me want to go and rugby-tackle my best friends and give them a giant hug. Honestly, it's been weeks and I'm not over them.

Apr 13, - You have set the bar higher in everything you do which made us(the am indebted to you and you definitely deserve a better sister than me.


Haschak Sisters


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