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Telling a man you find him attractive

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In a relationship, it's not only women who like to hear that they look nice or that they're wanted. Whether it's a simple compliment to kick off his day or something deeper, these affirmations will strengthen your bond. If you're feeling lucky in love, don't keep those thoughts to yourself: Tell your significant other exactly how you feel. Acknowledging his contribution to our overall happiness and wellbeing guarantees his continued desire to be a positive force in your life. Everyone needs to feel that our efforts count, especially in our romantic lives.

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21 Sweet Nothings He Needs to Hear

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FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. Recently I've taken the plunge to post and respond to some personal ads. Once we get to the photo exchange part, I am feeling insecure about my approach for how to tell him that I find him extremely attractive. I am seeking your feedback about what do guys like to hear? Even as a 43 year old divorced woman, my first response is to write back, "You're cute!

Do men, of any age, like or mind being referred to as cute? For some reason the phrase, "extremely attractive" sounds funny, weird, or too serious. I thinking that I'm not ready to say, "your photo makes me wet", or something else of the same ilk. I'm thinking a phrase like that is setting the wrong tone during the very beginning of email exchanges.

I realize that everyone is different, and the choice of phrase will be received according to his own base; and, I know just being myself is good advice. But I'd still like to get some suggestions for writing to guys. Is "You're hot" an okay thing to say? What are some good alternatives? You're cute is fine at your age, but does connote something distinct, flirty and affectionate rather than lusty and physical. How about "You're easy on the eyes. It depends on your audience, I think, which you may know little about.

But, this is my ear. Someone from a different background will interpret it differently. Since you don't know his mind yet, you can't aim for subtlety. I suggest being more verbose -- what do you like? Write three sentences instead of a vague colloquialism. I think a guy knows if he's hot. What you say probably isn't going to tell him anything he doesn't already know. And the hotter he is, the less likely it matters whether he hears it from you, IMO. He's heard it plenty before you came along.

If I were a guy looking for replies to my personal ad, I'd be more intersted in a woman's response to me in areas other than appearance. Unless, of course, hookups were my only goal. I'm curious why you feel the need to let then know you think they are attractive.

Isn't it true, guys, that just knowing a woman is interested is often enough? Does it really change anything in your perception of her if she flat-out tells you "I think you are hot? I wanted compatibility, humor, someone who "got me" and someone whose could keep up with me intellectually.

Once I found and got to know that person, they progressively became much more attractive. Funny how that works You can definitely compliment someone's appearance, but I'd say something more like, "That's a great picture" or "your [eyes,chin,the shape of your face,crotch bulge against your tight jeans] really stands out in that picture" instead -- whatever made you think he was hot.

I don't know how that changes the perception. I think "cute" sounds really undergraduate. Instead say "handsome. What you say probably isn't going to tell him anything he doesn't already know I'm curious why you feel the need to let the[m] know you think they are attractive.

How would you feel if some dude's first response to your photo was "damn, you're hot"? I mean, I'm sure it would be flattering and boost your confidence and stuff, but it might set the wrong initial tone, more like "hey, let's fuck" than "let's go out and get to know each other and then maybe fuck. It always makes the perfect impression THEN. I don't like the term cute. But I'm hypersensitive bordering on narcissistic. Do you need to tell him? You haven't met yet, right?

What if you tell him and he replies "yeah, well, that's why I chose that picture, because it makes me look 10 pounds lighter and the funny skin spot is airbrushed out, why else would I pick a picture for a dating site"? If you meet him in person, then you can tell him, hopefully something along the lines of "Wow, you're even more gorgeous in real life then you are in pictures. No we don't. I am a pretty average looking guy, I think. Not movie star, not elephant man. I remember asking a girl for her number and she said, "sure, you're a cute guy.

It felt really really good. No one is ever sure you find them attractive until you tell them- even supermodels are famously insecure about their looks. And it's even moreso for men- because women's ideas of what's attractive vary so widely - even for guys who are generally considered "good looking" , there's still a large percentage of women in the world who won't be into him at all. Things like "you've got great eyes" or "gorgeous smile" are sweet but not overbearing. So most men are not so jaded as to dismiss a compliment about their looks.

I would personally be wary about using "you're cute" right out of the gate, however -- according to at least one guy I know, it's got the ring of something you'd say about babies or puppies or a guy you just wanted to be friends with. How about a few sentences about something in his profile that you found amusing, or a common interest?

And then, as for your closing sentence, something like " I assumed the fact that I was contacting them in the context of online dating made it self-evident that I found them attractive. Yeah, guy's might not know they're attractive. I, for example, have no clue. Underplay it. Leave out cute, hot, sexy. If you remain communicating with him after exchange of photos it means he thinks you're cute.

Guys will be happy that girls just keep talking to them, seriously. If you must write something I agree with judith and a couple of others have said. The 'cute', 'hot' or 'sexy' can happen in phone calls after meeting the first time perhaps.

I'd go with what was said above: handsome. Or perhaps another adjective that integrates IMO the "hot" and the "handsome" -- something like, "what a striking picture!

We're all counting on you. I agree that you should wait. Making out or during intimate moments thereafter is the right time to tell a guy he's hot. I've been told I'm hot and if I'm not in the middle having sex with the speaker, it creeps me out a little. I also agree that hotness should not be deduced from a photo, but rather in person.

There may be a mannerism or feature that instantly cancels out the hotness you thought you saw. Thirdly, email is not a good medium for this. You just really don't know how it's going to be read. Simple compliment or lasciviously leering? Respond to his hot photo with a "Let's meet. Good luck! I prefer "you're cute.

It's not necessarily a bad thing to do, but please don't keep harping on how attractive you find them. It can be an uncomfortable thing to respond to. On preview: Most of my experience is in person, so it's probably easier and less awkward over the interwebs. This is so true.

The first guy I ever contacted online looked incredibly hot to my tastes! But when we met, all sense of his hotness just vanished instantly -- yes, he was still a good-looking guy, empiracally speaking he hadn't used a year-old photo or anything , but we had absolutely zero chemistry, physically or otherwise. Would you mind sending me one of yourself? What were you thinking about when that photo was taken -- kittens, ice cream, and Japanese cartoons?

Or was that photo taken on a special occasion? I must meet you. I'm sorry but amtho? Those lines just made me cringe. I think down to Earth honesty is far less creepy.

It's almost guaranteed to fall flat. What's wrong with "I think you're kinda hot. I like your picture.

10 Simple Ways To Immediately Be More Attractive To Your Man

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. Recently I've taken the plunge to post and respond to some personal ads. Once we get to the photo exchange part, I am feeling insecure about my approach for how to tell him that I find him extremely attractive. I am seeking your feedback about what do guys like to hear?

This is simply a common situation that most couples find themselves in after being together for a few years. You might begin to take each other for granted.

So why do so many people say the way to get a man to like you is to never compliment him? If you want someone to like you, say nice things that make him like you! I mean you should be honest and authentic in praising people when they do something worth praise. There are 11 specific moments where I know complimenting a guy will make him like you way more.

How to Compliment a Guy and Make His Heart Melt (11 Examples You Can Use!)

Glossy lips and amazing cleavagewill inspire a guy to cross acrowded room, but when it comes totriggering that hit-by-a-truck in agood way feeling, less obvious factorsare at play. The trick is knowing how to playthem up when you're face-to-facewith a worthy guy. Put the followingadvice into action and the only thinghe'll have to be afraid of is falling inlove too fast. You've just met anincredibly gorgeousguy, and he doesn'teven have a BrodyJenner—size ego tomatch. Don't act so impressed. Refusing to be wowed easily willsend the message that not only are younot pressuring him, but you may evenbe slightly out of reach. And when he mentions having donesomething undeniably awesome, likestudying abroad in Nepal, resist theurge to gush about how amazing thatmust have been. Play it cool by maintaininga low-key tone, and challengehim to prove how smart he is by saying"That's a curious choice. What madeyou decide to go there?

5 Ways to Tell Someone They’re Attractive (Without Being Weird)

You feel that they are the only ones in the Universe that matter and you do not even so much as steal a glance at another. Yet you think about them non-stop and you just cannot wait to see them again, but when you do you are so nervous about how to tell them that you get nauseated again, and the cycle repeats itself — over and over again. The question now is: how do you make your move without coming across as some kind of pervert or cheesy? We, at Power of Positivity, have five ways to take the plunge correctly.



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Jun 20, - "Without the acknowledgement of his value, a man will feel useless and demoralized. Remember, he's partially bettering himself for you, so supporting him is key. for you, tell him how much you appreciate his efforts and, above all, "Find a way to let your partner know, on a daily basis, that you're in his.








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