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What do you think when you look at me by dalia mogahed

Learn more about its impacts on our operations. Then, in , she decided to leave the company and pursue an MBA in Pittsburgh. Her plans changed on the day she intended to hit the road and make the move. That day was September 11,

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Dalia Mogahed Says that American Public Opinion of Islam Is Changing


This Woman Bravely Challenges People To Rethink Their Opinions Of Muslims

Updated: Apr 8. This piece was originally published in Girls Globe. Dalia Mogahed is one of my idols. She is a covered Muslim woman who works in public policy. When she came to speak at my university about representation, Muslims and US politics, I was elated to be able to sit down and talk to her. For any kid, it is critical that you can see yourself in the people you look up to. This is especially true for children of underrepresented groups, who are routinely bombarded with negative stereotypes that influence how they navigate the world.

For me, Mogahed was an inspiration because she was incredibly successful in a field I aspired to succeed in. She co-authored Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think. However, when I asked about her prestige in the Muslim-American community, her response was different than I expected. She told me that her role and influence on the trajectory of American politics has been exaggerated. But meeting her exposed the fact that representation can be heavy and singular, and often sustains a monolithic view.

There is measurable value to diversity in workplaces, academic institutions, and civic entities. Studies show that there is a statistical significance between more diverse leadership teams and better financial performance.

In academic institutions, diversity and inclusion uplift the educational experience by exposing students to peers from different backgrounds and perspectives. Since the midterms, the US Congress is the most diverse it has ever been. Despite a record number of women elected to office in , Congress is still predominantly male. Men are represented in Congress at Similarly, even with an increase of underrepresented groups, Congress remains more white and more Christian than the nation at large.

From senior staffers to cabinet picks, there is only a token handful of minority representation. Studies find that women, racial minorities and veterans in Congress are more likely to intervene on behalf of those groups in the federal bureaucracy. This means that an unrepresentative Congress leads to real differences in constituent services. Ever since Tlaib was elected in , she has spoken up about how absent Muslim voices have been from public life and how much potential Muslim and Arab communities in America have.

So, when I met Tlaib in person I wanted to tell her just how inspirational she has been to me as a Muslim and Arab-American woman in politics. I hesitated, however, remembering what Dalia Mogahed had said to me.

I did not want to make her feel tokenized or add to the burden of representation she already carries. But I believe that we can recognize the value of representation without limiting trailblazers by expecting them to be the quintessence of their underrepresented group.

Disrupting the status quo may be uncomfortable on all sides. But this is nothing new for people of color and other minoritized groups, whose baseline is discomfort.

A truly representative democracy should not be a disruptive idea — it has proven results. The future of the United States is one where the multitude of voices that make up American pluralism happen to represent a wide variety of identities.

Progress has to start somewhere, and passing the torch is a good place to begin. About Us. Our Work. Women Legislators' Lobby. Take Action. Press Room. The Case for a Truly Representative Democracy. Recent Posts See All. I don't advocate for a matriarchy, and you shouldn't either.

Want a Bipartisan, Common Ground Issue? When Women Lead.

Dalia Mogahed :What Do You think When You look at Me?

Positive Psychotherapy : Clinician Manual. Tayyab Rashid , Martin P. For over a century the focus of psychotherapy has been on what ails us, with the therapeutic process resting upon the assumption that unearthing past traumas, correcting faulty thinking, and restoring dysfunctional relationships is curative. And indeed, they are - but in the rush to identify and reduce symptoms of mental disorder, something important has been overlooked: the positives.

What is our role as business leaders in creating peace, bringing diverse populations together, and addressing exclusion, particularly religious exclusion? Corporate society increasingly has an opportunity and some believe a responsibility to impact how we as a culture look at diversity, difference, and inclusion. As a business leader, I think every day about my role in making a difference, creating lasting impact, and what factors in my environment will ultimately contribute to our success.

Some people want to ban Muslims and close down mosques. When you look at Muslim scholar Dalia Mogahed, what do you see: a woman of faith? In this personal, powerful talk, Mogahed asks us, in this polarizing time, to fight negative perceptions of her faith in the media — and to choose empathy over prejudice. Deah, Yusor and Razan were executed in a place that was meant to be safe: their home.

What do you think when you look at me? Dalia Mogahed

Skip navigation! Story from World News. Sometimes, we show prejudice without even realizing we're doing so. Mogahed, director of research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, hopes to fight common misunderstandings about Muslims and how they are portrayed by American media outlets. She explained that many Americans have never met a Muslim person, so their opinions on the religion may be formed by what they see in the news, which is often negative. Mogahed went on to explain the horror she felt when she learned of the September 11, terrorist attacks. She went on to explain that after the attacks, she felt afraid for other Americans to know she was Muslim, as her family moved to a new town. She used her experience as a way to explain that Americans should be united with each other — including being united with American Muslims — against terrorist attacks, rather than singling out American Muslims as being potential threats. Guess what? So was I," Mogahed said.

Dalia Mogahed on Islam and the Promise of America

What a Billion Muslims Really Think. Q1: In an article that you wrote, you argued that negative sentiments about Muslims and Islam in the United States follow domestic politics as opposed to international politics or acts of terrorism. Could you talk more about that? That was always the diagnosis of the problem, and I believed that as well, but one time I noticed something strange.

Published for OnFaith.

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10 Questions with Dalia Mogahed ’97

With Rising Islamophobia,Muslims are branded as a terrorist. Intolerance is spreading its wing at a rapid pace. Religion is simply a matter of faith.

Updated: Apr 8. This piece was originally published in Girls Globe. Dalia Mogahed is one of my idols. She is a covered Muslim woman who works in public policy. When she came to speak at my university about representation, Muslims and US politics, I was elated to be able to sit down and talk to her.

What do you think when you look at me?

One motivation for building inclusive work cultures, research shows, is the increase in fresh thinking, ideas and innovation that come from different mindsets working together. Another is the opportunity to create a workplace environment that is welcoming, encouraging, and respectful of differences in ideology and backgrounds. Fostering inclusive environments may also prevent employees from feeling isolated and marginalized, factors that sometimes contribute to extremist behavior. In a recent Linkage blog post by the global leadership and talent development firm, CEO Matt Norquist and Dalia Mogahed , Director of Research for the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding and author, advisor, and consultant on American Muslim affairs, discuss what business leaders gain for creating and supporting diverse and inclusive cultures. What a billion Muslims really think.

Dalia Mogahed: Thank you for having me. I do think that it's a number of factors. You look at just that budget and this is a budget of groups that do literally.

Muna Ali. Young Muslim America explores the perspectives and identities of the American descendants of immigrant Muslims and converts to Islam. Whether their parents were new Muslims or new Americans, the younger generations of Muslim Americans grow up bearing a dual heritage and are uniquely positioned to expound the meaning of both.

Dalia Mogahed

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What do you think when you look at me? Dalia Mogahed






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