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Books similar to get the guy

Maybe I should be embarrassed to admit this, but I am fascinated by dating and relationships. In the morning, I usually check to see if there are any new scientific studies that cover relationships or dating. A total geek. Literally, though: All.



7 Dating books that could change your life

A group of narcissistic, moneyed Hollywood spawn spend their time taking drugs, drinking and shagging each other in the back of their Porches. What you wish your youth was like, basically. A tale of unbridled excess and, naturally, subsequent destruction. Thought you had it tough? Growing up gay, Greek and with a lisp in North Carolina, USA, Sedaris tells the story of his youth through a series of hilarious essays.

Worth it for the pithy one-liners alone. Oh, and to make matters worse, Naipaul actually started writing it at Everyone should read at least one Murakami several, really , and this is up there with the best.

Hearing The Beatles song that this novel takes its title from, protagonist Toru dwells upon his student days in the sixties protesting against the status quo. His relationship with the beautiful but damaged Naoko is a lesson that emotional dependence is not love. A paranoid schizophrenic, confined to an asylum, narrates a tale full of racial tension, sexual repression and confronts the treatment of the mentally ill. Ken Kesey wrote this after his experiments with LSD. It shows Hedonism, vanity and the selfishness of youth are key in this book.

The original cocky upstart, Wilde's precocious wit is also a valuable lesson in pissing off the powers that be. I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be" — there are a handful of poems every man should read whether they like poetry or not, and Eliot's stream-of-consciousness moan about the frustrations and disillusionments of modern life is emphatically one of them.

The book that sparked the biggest literary controversy of our time. The fatwa issued because of critical references of the Prophet Mohammed saw Rushie go into hiding for over a decade. This novel looks at a man trapped between Eastern and Western cultures, and flits between times and continents.

Conspiracy, secrecy and murder are a thrilling backbone of this tale of a group of elite Classics students. The theme? How we the young and insecure can be easily manipulated.

Vonnegut's most famous novel contains an account of when the Allies bombed Dresden, which he was caught up in as a German prisoner of war.

Time-shifting also plays a part in this weird tale, which gives an insight into one of the most important events in recent history. A second generation Dominican growing up in New Jersey, Oscar is a nerdy fat kid who loves comics and sci- fi. Unable to display the machismo expected of boys in the Latin community, he is a likeable embodiment of the misunderstood outsider.

And we've all been one of those, haven't we? A Parisian barrister recounts his fall from wealth and high regard. An advocate for the less fortunate, he nevertheless fails to do anything when he hears a woman fall to her death on a riverbank. A riveting look at that great preoccupation: how we want others to see us. Life, love, sex and death: it's all here. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

A look at Communism in the s through the thoughts of Anna Wulf, a radical left- winger in post-war Britain. Read for an insight into what it's like to be the enemy in your own country. In a bleak, post-apocalyptic world, a man and his son travel south to avoid the coming winter. In with the terse prose and unbearable tension is a great story of fatherhood. What are years about if not fickle affections and brutal heartbreak?

Conversations over gin are serialised in this collection of short stories that make for bleak but crucial reading. Three friends trapped in dead-end "McJobs" reach adulthood in early Eighties' California. The ultimate post-graduation book about intellectualising not knowing what the hell to do with yourself.

The Great American Novel or is it?! The debate rages on! Relatable for anyone who ever obsessively chased a first love. Ring any bells? Any young man who loved The Catcher In The Rye ought to read Plath's novel, a similar story told from a female perspective. The beautifully written semi-autobiographical tale follows a young woman on the cusp of adulthood who struggles with her mental health.

The book that launched a million gap years, On The Road is beat poet pioneer Jack Kerouac's freeform account of hedonistic road trip across America in the Fifties that excites you when you're still young enough to grab a backpack and follow him, and frustrates the hell out of you with its pretentiousness thereafter. Written by the prodigious Smith aged just 24 a fact either painful or inspiring — see also: A House For Mr Biswas , this is the best exploration of modern multicultural Britain we have.

And you're going to laugh out loud. A lot. One of the great dystopian novels, Huxley's idea of a world in which we distract ourselves from reality to the point we accept a totalitarian regime seems more plausible than ever in the social media age. Roth was hardly hiding his light under a bushel with his choice of title albeit slightly sardonically intended , but his Pulitzer-Prize winning novel more than lives up to its billing.

Grumpy old sod that he was, Larkin produced some of modern Britain's most accessible and compelling poetry. Even the most verse-phobic men will shudder with recognition at the devastating 'This Be The Verse' What is being in your twenties all about if not going on a road trip with your best friend, buying a huge bag of hallucinogenic drugs and losing your mind in Vegas?

OK, so few of us ever came remotely near matching Thompson's hedonism even during our wildest years, but Fear And Loathing remains the definitive way to experience drugs vicariously. Set in the aftermath of Margaret Thatcher's landslide re-election victory in , Hollinghurst's Booker-winning novel makes being a young gay man seem joyously sexy and London seem conquerable.

Perhaps the ultimate 'someone understands me! For the former type, this book still has few equals. There's a strong case to say all men should read all Hemingway, but as an introduction to his style and major themes bullfighting, drinking, not knowing what the hell to do about women , this collection of short stories is priceless and should whet the appetite to tackle the major novels specifically The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell To Arms and For Whom The Bell Tolls — in that order.

Along with Animal Farm, is George Orwell's gift to anyone experiencing their moment of political awakening, a book that drags you from the self-involvement of adolescence to the harrowing realisation that politics and the wider world can and will impact your life.

Every important — and terrifyingly prophetic — reason to be watchful, sceptical and demanding of your government is in there. The 20 Funniest Books Ever Written. The 11 Best Books On Football. Type keyword s to search. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Alfred Prufrock - T. Scott Fitzgerald. Then you'll love This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.

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18 Feel-Good Books That Will Make You Believe In Love

Enticing boys to read is still a hot topic. This sixth entry in Baxter and Kochel's Gotcha series covers books published between and , with a few oldies-but-goodies also included. The book is organized into 12 thematic chapters, each of which offers booktalks for a select number of titles, followed by a list of other high-interest, well-reviewed titles that correspond with the chapter's topic. Features new to this volume include numerous booklists to be copied and saved, as well as profiles of new and innovative nonfiction authors writing for this age group.

There is an unsettledness now in after-school childcare. The stay-at-home mom years are largely over. Will children, even very young children, stay home alone or hang out with peers, risking loneliness or engaging in problem behavior?

A group of narcissistic, moneyed Hollywood spawn spend their time taking drugs, drinking and shagging each other in the back of their Porches. What you wish your youth was like, basically. A tale of unbridled excess and, naturally, subsequent destruction. Thought you had it tough? Growing up gay, Greek and with a lisp in North Carolina, USA, Sedaris tells the story of his youth through a series of hilarious essays.

Books similar to Get the Guy: How to Find, Attract, and Keep Your Ideal Mate

No eBook available Routledge Amazon. Feminism for Girls presents feminist perspectives on aspects of adolescence which have been chosen for their special relevance to the lives and experiences of girls and young women today. Illustrated throughout, chapters cover themes and topics which include romance and sexuality, girls' magazines, careers and the reality of being a black girl in society today. Housewives look back at their youth and a sixteen-year-old girl writes vividly about what it's like trying to break out of the mould that parents and others so often expect for girls. This book is written for girls and young women themselves and for people who are, like the contributors, currently teaching or working with girls. Complete and utter bullshit propaganda. Angela go move to Saudi-Arabia to see what real women's struggles are like. Obviously you are in such a difficult and unbearable position that it wouldn't make a difference to have your head cut off for driving a vehicle. Account Options Sign in. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

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At 30 years old, Lewis Howes was outwardly thriving but unfulfilled inside. He was a successful athlete and businessman, achieving goals beyond his wildest dreams, but he felt empty, angry, frustrated…. Women: gain control and confidence in your love lives and find the relationship you want with this modern, life-changing guide from the certified sex educator, intimacy expert, and YouTube personal…. Matthew Hussey Get the Guy Similar books.

Most dating books tell you what NOT to do.

You can have all the dating skills in place but if your texting sucks he's gone. Understand the…. Being single isn't what it used to be

30 Books Every Man Should Read By 30

Erik J. Larsen born December 8, is an American comic book writer, artist and publisher. Account Options Sign in.

As a child he worked for printers and sold newspapers. He created two features for the magazine, Harry Karry and The Flame. After the magazine went under, for a short time, he freelanced and drew stories for Comic Magazines before he and friend Jerry Iger formed a the Eisner-Iger studio. The two went their separate ways when Eisner joined the Quality Comics Group to produce a syndicated page newspaper supplement. It was there that Eisner created his most well known character, the Spirit. In , Eisner was drafted into the army where he produced posters and strips for the troops.

Women, Dating & Sex: 9 Books Every Man Needs To Read

When Laura Bradbury arrives in Burgundy, France, for an exchange year at 17 years old, she is determined to fit in with her host family and their community. This means learning local customs and skills and adapting to the general rules — including a disapproval of dating. Unfortunately, the local young men are very charming and Burgundy seems to be made for romance. Promising review: "Easy to read, funny, but with some deep and serious emotions and relationships. It provides amazing details about moving to a new country, where the simplest things can turn out to be surprising and challenging. I love all the details about Burgundy, the cuisine, the wine.

In May , the last books go out, as does Deni's dream of selfpublishing. We had core books like Ms. Tree, Neil the Horse, and Flaming Carrot that sold Bell - - ‎Biography & Autobiography.








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