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A radical in his poetry as well as in his political and social views, Shelley did not see fame during his lifetime, but recognition of his achievements in poetry grew steadily following his death. His other major works include a groundbreaking verse drama, The Cenci , and long, visionary, philosophical poems such as Queen Mab later reworked as The Daemon of the World , Alastor , The Revolt of Islam , Adonais , Prometheus Unbound —widely considered his masterpiece, Hellas: A Lyrical Drama and his final, unfinished work , The Triumph of Life Though Shelley's poetry and prose output remained steady throughout his life, most publishers and journals declined to publish his work for fear of being arrested for either blasphemy or sedition. Shelley's poetry sometimes had only an underground readership during his day, but his poetic achievements have become widely recognized today, and his political and social thought had an impact on the Chartist and other movements in England, and reach down to the present day. Shelley's theories of economics and morality , for example, had a profound influence on Karl Marx — ; his early—perhaps first—writings on nonviolent resistance influenced Leo Tolstoy — , whose writings on the subject in turn influenced Mahatma Gandhi , and through him Martin Luther King Jr. Shelley became a lodestar to the subsequent three or four generations of poets, including important Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite poets such as Robert Browning — and Dante Gabriel Rossetti —

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I see the boys of summer

Among his best-known works are the lengthy narrative poems Don Juan and Childe Harold's Pilgrimage ; many of his shorter lyrics in Hebrew Melodies also became popular. He travelled extensively across Europe, especially in Italy , where he lived for seven years in the cities of Venice, Ravenna, and Pisa.

During his stay in Italy he frequently visited his friend and fellow poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. His only legitimate child, Ada Lovelace , is regarded as a foundational figure in the field of computer programming based on her notes for Charles Babbage 's Analytical Engine. George Gordon Byron was born on 22 January , on Holles Street in London — his birthplace is now supposedly occupied by a branch of the English department store John Lewis. Byron's father had previously been somewhat scandalously married to Amelia, Marchioness of Carmarthen , with whom he had been having an affair — the wedding took place just weeks after her divorce from her husband, and she was around eight months pregnant.

Much later, 19th-century sources blamed Jack's own "brutal and vicious" treatment of her. Jack then married Catherine Gordon of Gight on 13 May , by all accounts only for her fortune. His father appears to have wished to call his son 'William', but as her husband remained absent, his mother named him after her own father George Gordon of Gight. Catherine moved back to Aberdeenshire in , where Byron spent his childhood.

Catherine regularly experienced mood swings and bouts of melancholy, [18] which could be partly explained by her husband's continuingly borrowing money from her. As a result, she fell even further into debt to support his demands. When Byron's great-uncle, who was posthumously labelled the "wicked" Lord Byron , died on 21 May , the year-old boy became the sixth Baron Byron of Rochdale and inherited the ancestral home, Newstead Abbey , in Nottinghamshire.

His mother proudly took him to England, but the Abbey was in an embarrassing state of disrepair and, rather than living there, she decided to lease it to Lord Grey de Ruthyn , among others, during Byron's adolescence. Described as "a woman without judgment or self-command," Catherine either spoiled and indulged her son or vexed him with her capricious stubbornness.

Her drinking disgusted him and he often mocked her for being short and corpulent, which made it difficult for her to catch him to discipline him. Byron had been born with a deformed right foot; his mother once retaliated and, in a fit of temper, referred to him as "a lame brat. Langley-Moore questions the Galt claim that she over-indulged in alcohol. Upon the death of Byron's mother-in-law Judith Noel, the Hon. Lady Milbanke, in , her will required that he change his surname to "Noel" so as to inherit half of her estate.

He obtained a Royal Warrant , allowing him to "take and use the surname of Noel only" and to "subscribe the said surname of Noel before all titles of honour".

From that point he signed himself "Noel Byron" the usual signature of a peer being merely the peerage, in this case simply "Byron". It is speculated that this was so that his initials would read "N.

Byron received his early formal education at Aberdeen Grammar School , and in August entered the school of Dr. William Glennie , in Dulwich. Bailey, he was encouraged to exercise in moderation but could not restrain himself from "violent" bouts in an attempt to overcompensate for his deformed foot. His mother interfered with his studies, often withdrawing him from school, with the result that he lacked discipline and his classical studies were neglected.

In , he was sent to Harrow , where he remained until July His lack of moderation was not restricted to physical exercise. Byron fell in love with Mary Chaworth, whom he met while at school, [18] and she was the reason he refused to return to Harrow in September His mother wrote, "He has no indisposition that I know of but love, desperate love, the worst of all maladies in my opinion.

In short, the boy is distractedly in love with Miss Chaworth. Byron finally returned in January , [18] to a more settled period which saw the formation of a circle of emotional involvements with other Harrow boys, which he recalled with great vividness: "My school friendships were with me passions for I was always violent. The following autumn, he went up to Trinity College, Cambridge , [27] where he met and formed a close friendship with the younger John Edleston.

His voice first attracted my attention, his countenance fixed it, and his manners attached me to him for ever. This statement, however, needs to be read in the context of hardening public attitudes toward homosexuality in England and the severe sanctions including public hanging against convicted or even suspected offenders. Byron spent three years at Trinity College, engaging in sexual escapades, boxing, horse riding and gambling. While not at school or college, Byron dwelt at his mother's residence Burgage Manor in Southwell, Nottinghamshire.

During this time, with the help of Elizabeth Pigot, who copied many of his rough drafts, he was encouraged to write his first volumes of poetry. Fugitive Pieces was printed by Ridge of Newark, which contained poems written when Byron was only Becher, on account of its more amorous verses, particularly the poem To Mary.

Hours of Idleness , which collected many of the previous poems, along with more recent compositions, was the culminating book. The savage, anonymous criticism this received now known to be the work of Henry Peter Brougham in the Edinburgh Review prompted his first major satire, [35] English Bards and Scotch Reviewers It was put into the hands of his relation, R.

Dallas , requesting him to " He also stated that Byron had originally intended to prefix an argument to this poem, and Dallas quoted it. Dallas wrote that "you are already pretty generally known to be the author. After his return from travels he again entrusted R.

Dallas as his literary agent to publish his poem Childe Harold's Pilgrimage , which Byron thought of little account. The first two cantos of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage were published in and were received with acclaim. About the same time, he began his intimacy with his future biographer, Thomas Moore. Byron racked up numerous debts as a young man, owing to what his mother termed a "reckless disregard for money".

From to , [42] Byron went on the Grand Tour , then customary for a young nobleman. He travelled with Hobhouse for the first year and his entourage of servants included Byron's trustworthy valet, William Fletcher. The Napoleonic Wars forced him to avoid most of Europe, and he instead turned to the Mediterranean. Byron began his trip in Portugal from where he wrote a letter to his friend Mr Hodgson in which he describes his mastery of the Portuguese language, consisting mainly of swearing and insults.

Byron particularly enjoyed his stay in Sintra that is described in Childe Harold's Pilgrimage as "glorious Eden". While in Athens, Byron met year-old Nicolo Giraud , with whom he became quite close and who taught him Italian.

It has been suggested that the two had an intimate relationship involving a sexual affair. The will, however, was later cancelled. Byron commemorated this feat in the second canto of Don Juan. Byron became a celebrity with the publication of the first two cantos of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage He was sought after at every society venue, elected to several exclusive clubs, and frequented the most fashionable London drawing-rooms.

On the initiative of the composer Isaac Nathan , he produced in — the Hebrew Melodies including what became some of his best-known lyrics, such as " She Walks in Beauty " and " The Destruction of Sennacherib ". Involved at first in an affair with Lady Caroline Lamb who called him "mad, bad and dangerous to know" and with other lovers and also pressed by debt, he began to seek a suitable marriage, considering — amongst others — Annabella Millbanke. However, in he met for the first time in four years his half-sister, Augusta Leigh.

Rumours of incest surrounded the pair; Augusta's daughter Medora b. To escape from growing debts and rumours, Byron pressed his determination to marry Annabella, who was said to be the likely heiress of a rich uncle.

They married on 2 January , and their daughter, Ada , was born in December of that year. However, Byron's continuing obsession with Augusta and his continuing sexual escapades with actresses such as Charlotte Mardyn [50] [51] and others made their marital life a misery.

Annabella considered Byron insane, and in January she left him, taking their daughter, and began proceedings for a legal separation. Their separation was made legal in a private settlement in March The scandal of the separation, the rumours about Augusta, and ever-increasing debts forced him to leave England in April , never to return.

After this break-up of his domestic life, Byron left England and never returned. Despite his dying wishes, however, his body was returned for burial in England.

He journeyed through Belgium and continued up the Rhine river. He was also joined by Mary's stepsister, Claire Clairmont , with whom he had had an affair in London.

Kept indoors at the Villa Diodati by the "incessant rain" of "that wet, ungenial summer" over three days in June, the five turned to reading fantastical stories, including Fantasmagoriana , and then devising their own tales. Byron's story fragment was published as a postscript to Mazeppa ; he also wrote the third canto of Childe Harold. Byron wintered in Venice , pausing his travels when he fell in love with Marianna Segati, in whose Venice house he was lodging, and who was soon replaced by year-old Margarita Cogni; both women were married.

In , Byron visited San Lazzaro degli Armeni in Venice, where he acquainted himself with Armenian culture with the help of the monks belonging to the Mechitarist Order. With the help of Father Pascal Aucher Harutiun Avkerian , he learned the Armenian language [58] and attended many seminars about language and history.

He co-authored Grammar English and Armenian in , an English textbook written by Aucher and corrected by Byron, and A Grammar Armenian and English in , a project he initiated of a grammar of Classical Armenian for English speakers, where he included quotations from classical and modern Armenian.

Byron later participated in the compilation of the English Armenian dictionary Barraran angleren yev hayeren , and wrote the preface, in which he explained Armenian oppression by the Turkish pashas and the Persian satraps and the Armenian struggle of liberation. His fascination was so great that he even considered a replacement of the Cain story of the Bible with that of the legend of Armenian patriarch Haik. In , he journeyed to Rome. On returning to Venice, he wrote the fourth canto of Childe Harold.

The first five cantos of Don Juan were written between and During this period he met the year-old Countess Guiccioli , who found her first love in Byron, and asked her to elope with him.

Led by love for the local aristocratic, young, and newly married Teresa Guiccioli, Byron lived in Ravenna from to Around this time he received visits from Percy Bysshe Shelley , as well as from Thomas Moore , to whom he confided his autobiography or "life and adventures", which Moore, Hobhouse, and Byron's publisher, John Murray , [58] burned in , a month after Byron's death.

I get up, quite contrary to my usual custom … at After breakfast we sit talking till six. From six to eight we gallop through the pine forest which divide Ravenna from the sea; we then come home and dine, and sit up gossiping till six in the morning. Lord B. I have just met on the grand staircase five peacocks, two guinea hens, and an Egyptian crane.

I wonder who all these animals were before they were changed into these shapes. In Byron left Ravenna and went to live in the Tuscan city of Pisa , to which Teresa had also relocated. For the first time since his arrival in Italy, Byron found himself tempted to give dinner parties; his guests included the Shelleys, Edward Ellerker Williams , Thomas Medwin , John Taaffe, and Edward John Trelawny ; and "never", as Shelley said, "did he display himself to more advantage than on these occasions; being at once polite and cordial, full of social hilarity and the most perfect good humour; never diverging into ungraceful merriment, and yet keeping up the spirit of liveliness throughout the evening.

A Great Collection of Short Love Poems for a Girl

Sure, these words may at times have been arbitrarily attached to other, more mountainy objects, but here, in this poem, they find their true home. I met my future husband at 19, and I wrote this poem in a notebook for him. By then it had already been echoing around inside me for years, telling me the truth about love. Love is monomaniacal, love is appalling, love is secret, love is childish, love rips you from the bosom of your family, love is woozy, love is ravishing, love is scrumdiddlyumptious.

Among his best-known works are the lengthy narrative poems Don Juan and Childe Harold's Pilgrimage ; many of his shorter lyrics in Hebrew Melodies also became popular. He travelled extensively across Europe, especially in Italy , where he lived for seven years in the cities of Venice, Ravenna, and Pisa. During his stay in Italy he frequently visited his friend and fellow poet Percy Bysshe Shelley.

A collection of short love poems for her, whom you adore. The story begins when a boy meets a girl and something happens. The boy wants to say something romantic to the girl. For the ages immemorial, boys have used love poems to show their love for a girl.

Sweet Love Poems

The sweet love poem is the one that gives you a good feeling when you read it. You almost smack your lips because it tastes so good in your mouth. Love is such a powerful emotion that a good love poem can taste delicious in your mouth. When you are one with your lover it is a very sweet feeling. There may be chaos in all areas of your life but when you come home to the person that you love the most in the world, nothing else matters. If you were my rose, then I'd be your sun, painting you rainbows when the rains come. I'd change my orbit to banish the night, as to keep you in my nurturing light. An absolutely beautiful love poem.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Reprinted by permission of New Directions Publishing Corporation. All rights reserved. National Poetry Month. Materials for Teachers Teach This Poem. Poems for Kids.

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