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Csgo do you look at your crosshair

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Crashz is an expert in CS:GO crosshairs. He's here to break down the basics of how to expertly customize yours so you can hit cleaner headshots. Changing your crosshair can improve your game, as the default one may not be optimal for everyone. Your crosshair should be visible in any map environment but at the same time it should not be distracting and so big that it blocks your view. Newer players should stick to a dynamic crosshair style as they learn the game because it shows them when their shots will be accurate or not. Depending on your display resolution you should tweak those settings so that your crosshair is visible but not too big.

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Finding the Perfect CS:GO Crosshair

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It's little surprise that you won't get far in Counter-Strike without good aim. Movement, usage of utility, and team-play is critical but aiming is usually one of the aspects you must master as you begin to get competitive. Who wants a bottom-fragger teammate? In this guide I will discuss various ways to improve your aim in CS:GO through crosshair-placement also known as pre-aiming.

By already pre-aiming specific spots and maintaining your crosshair at a certain elevation while also keeping to angles, you can eliminate most of the aiming required to stay ahead of your opponents active aiming. Instead of having to move your whole arm, swiping all across your mousepad and snapping to a target reactive aiming , you can make micro-adjustments or go for the kill directly.

This might seem trivial but in a game of CS where every millisecond counts, good crosshair-placement can be the determining factor in a gunfight, so keep in mind:. Crosshair-placement is essentially made out of two parts, the x-axis and the y-axis on your monitor.

When talking about aiming in CS, most people only focus on the Y-axis or how high you should aim. This is indeed an important part of pre-aiming because you want to keep your crosshair at headshot level for maximum potential damage. However, if you combine it with smart X-axis positioning you'll essentially be using an effective aim technique called angle-snapping not the mouse sensor setting.

This part of the technique involves keeping your crosshair as close as possible to holding positions such as cover objects or walls, where enemies hide behind or pop out from. If you were to only aim with the Y-axis in mind, you might have the headshot-placement right, but you would still have to actively aim a huge deal horizontally.

That movement takes more time than you might have in a duel and your enemy will probably get to that headshot before you do. Additionally, the scope-in time for maximum accuracy requires you to briefly wait, since firing too soon will result in a random bullet. Similarly, SMGs sometimes are better used when spraying and praying, where center of mass is also more favorable.

Thus, having your crosshair at the right spot will make it a lot easier for you to aim, since most of the time you only have to account for the spray-pattern and slight real-life movements. Additionally, you will have to keep in mind that your arm and hand are a lot more precise when aiming horizontally rather than vertically.

The reason for this is that your hand can swivel using your wrist, and your arm can swivel by resting on the elbow or part of your arm. Having two anchor points for rough — and fine — aim. When moving vertically, you can push your arm forward or, depending on your mouse-grip, use your fingers to aim vertically. Then again, due to the usually low sensitivity in CS, there is just a lot less vertical mobility compared to horizontally.

Think of it this way: when you are writing something with a pen, you can more easily write horizontally and have to readjust your hand less frequently compared to starting a new line below. What are things you could do to actually improve your crosshair-placement?

There are a couple of simple things that will help you with that! An easy tip is to use the height of your teammates as reference. As long as the heads of your teammates and enemies are on the same elevational plane, you will always aim at their head no matter how close or far away the enemy is. Another tip is to use boxes and other in-game objects to find the right vertical placement.

The height of a big box is usually equal to the height of a player, so using that as a reference you can increase headshot accuracy with only small adjustments. Similarly, you can aim for the middle of double boxes or other tall objects that require a single player boost to jump up on. This is because these objects are usually twice the height of a player. Make sure not to line up your crosshair exactly with the piece of cover. Additionally, you want to consider the distance of the piece of cover you are placing your crosshair at.

Instead, imagine the position of the enemy and aim at them through the object. By doing this, you can use your movement keys to go for the kill-shot as long as you have set up your crosshair-placement properly before peeking out. If this works out, your pre-aim will align with the enemy once you peek.

Also make sure to only expose yourself to one angle at a time. This means your crosshair-placement will clear each spot individually without skipping any, otherwise you might miss potential enemies and put yourself at danger.

So, make sure to judge where to aim prior to moving! Especially if you have to compensate for spray patterns and possible slopes and ramps that change the elevation of the enemies. Even though you've just learned all of this, I unfortunately have some bad news: Your enemies will probably try to make use of the same technique as you! Besides being further away from where the lines of sight meet, in regard to your cover, it helps to combine a close-peek 1 with a wide-peek 2 done by your friend running out from the same positon as you.

By doing so, the enemy 3 not only has to choose between two targets, which should slow down his reaction or throw off his aim, but also gives you the main advantage.

At lower levels of CS, players often just go straight for the stomach and by crouching down you are only gifting them a free headshot. On top of that, crouching slows you down and kills your momentum, also making you easier to hit.

So, make sure to only crouch-peek when you are certain that the odds are in your favor. Knowledge is power, but the only way to get good is by actually playing! So, to end things off, I have a few quick suggestions on what to incorporate into your training sessions to improve crosshair-placement. Before even opening CS:GO you can do some short rounds of Aim Master to quickly warm up your reaction time and accuracy before getting into the game.

Play Aim Master. An easy way to get better pre-aim is to use workshop maps such as Prefire Mirage by Yesber. There are tons of Community Workshop maps like these with bots setup in spots where real players would normally be placed. This allows you to train clearing one angle at a time, memorizing those positions and thereby improving your pre-aim ability, especially early in the round.

This could be late game scenarios such as holding or re-taking bombsites after the bomb has been planted. In these servers you, as well as other real players, will be put in very specific match scenarios, giving you a fast and dynamic way to improve your late game.

Finally, we all know that a good game of CS includes unpredictable elements such as fakes, rotations and splits that force you to play out of the norm. The best way to prepare for these situations is by playing Deathmatch personally I prefer FFA-DM in the Community Browser because you will meet players in unexpected situations. This will help you get better crosshair placements even in those non-standard gunfights. Force yourself to use active aiming. Aim for the head using all the tips I gave you and sooner or later, you will see progress with a good score to follow.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and if you want to talk more about aim join the community in aim-master on Discord or feel free to reach out to me, luckySkillFaker , on any of the social platforms below:.

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Content: Why does crosshair-placement matter? How does crosshair-placement work? Crosshair-placement is a workaround for real life limitations Tips to improve your crosshair-placement Bonus tips to counter readers of this guide Training tips for crosshair positioning. Products In This Article.

4 easy tips to help you improve your aim in CS:GO

Written by Sean Sequeira Published on Pro CS:GO gamer Ankit Panth explains how someone can get better at aiming by making some simple changes in how they approach the game. For more information on Red Bull Flick, click here. With CS:GO the current favourite of the gaming community, we asked Ankit for his tips on how someone could get better at the game , particularly if they were looking to improve on their in-game aim. Ankit had some simple advice which can be easy to implement and just needs some time and dedication to get right.

Some years ago he released his config and settings. Ecopoint: Antarctica.

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CS:GO crosshair commands

Crosshair placement is as simple as it sounds — placing your crosshair for your own advantage and helping yourself out when approaching an enemy. It is usually not something to worry about when being new to the game, however it certainly is something to pay attention to when the mechanical skill gets more advanced and you rise I ranks. Being able to place your crosshair at the right height and width when holding an angle is a key skill to have. At the same time being able to clear corners with the crosshair glued to the corner, is very important for optimizing your chances for entry succes. Also last but not least — pre-aming corners with the crosshair placed at the exact spot where the enemy is likely to be, also is a huge skill to manage when playing Counter Strike on a higher level. Take a look at this video with adreN — former pro play and currently coach for Team Liquid:. Placing your crosshair at the right height and width, following corners correctly and pre-aiming corners is a major part of your consistency. That is something a lot of players do not take in to consideration when playing poorly, or struggling to be a factor on the server.

How to Improve Aim in CS:GO

Keep updated by subscribing to our newsletter! There is quite a bit to get into here so let's not wait about - here is our Valorant Settings Guide which will help you get the perfect settings for your crosshair and mouse sensitivity. Getting your crosshair settings right is key to success in any shooter and in Valorant it is no different. Valorant has loads of crosshair settings that you can tweak and change - from the colour to the way it responds to firing your weapon and movement to the length and breadth of the lines. How you want your crosshair to look and react is entirely up to you - this will all be about trial and error.

No matter how good your aim is, it is always possible to improve. If you are trying to reach Global Elite for the first time or just looking to improve, you should check out our guide on how to improve aim in CS:GO.

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Overwatch Old Crosshair Settings

The crosshair in Counter Strike is probably the thing you pay the most attention to in the game. However — as you get better to the game, your eyes start to wander elsewhere as your mechanical skill increases. Take a look at this video of n0thing playing with eye tracking.

We present an ordered list of all commands that allow you to create your own crosshair. You should know them because not all of them are available in the game options. In addition to the CS: GO crosshair commands , we have also added extra descriptions and screenshots. Along with console commands appearance and functionality , there are also several links to the crosshairs examples at the end. Commands that change the functions or operation of the CSGO crosshair.

How to Pre-aim in CSGO by Mastering Your Crosshair Placement

VALORANT gives you the ability to select and tweak your own crosshair in many ways, which means that there are almost unlimited options when it comes to configuring your crosshair. One thing to consider is that the crosshair settings depends on personal preference. That said, we will try to look into what professional players and popular streamers use as their crosshair settings. In CS:GO, people have been looking for the ultimate crosshair since the game came out. Before we dig into this guide, I just want to quickly tell about why I believe that I am qualified for giving advice on this matter. Besides this, I have spent many hours analyzing professional players and looking at their settings, including their crosshair settings. Before I go into my recommendations, I want to show how professional players have chosen to adjust their crosshair settings.

Apr 3, - In addition to the CS: GO crosshair commands, we have also added extra descriptions and That way you should quickly find out what's going on here. If you're looking for a new crosshair, you can use our examples.

It's little surprise that you won't get far in Counter-Strike without good aim. Movement, usage of utility, and team-play is critical but aiming is usually one of the aspects you must master as you begin to get competitive. Who wants a bottom-fragger teammate? In this guide I will discuss various ways to improve your aim in CS:GO through crosshair-placement also known as pre-aiming. By already pre-aiming specific spots and maintaining your crosshair at a certain elevation while also keeping to angles, you can eliminate most of the aiming required to stay ahead of your opponents active aiming.

How to aim properly--what to focus on


Finding the right crosshair in CS:GO




Crosshair placement in CS:GO – Complete guide



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