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They want to drink, hang out with ladies, drink, ruin Jeff's life, and drink. Jeff realizes too late that buddies aren't always friends. However, readers realize that guys drinking and causing trouble tends to be funny, whether or not any of the characters have redeeming characteristics. The story has nice girls and slutty girls, drunk guys and less drunk guys, a wise friend who speaks with a Southern accent no one understands, an angry Vietnam vet, Club Ugly, and more debauchery than you can wave your index finger at in a shame-on-you kind of way.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: The Untold Truth Of Jeff Bezos' Mistress

Jeff Bezos has ‘gone Hollywood’ for girlfriend Lauren Sanchez

I am an entrepreneur fortunate enough to still be passionate about the career path I've chosen. Throughout the years, I've established, built, and sold a couple of companies and have enjoyed economic success.

However, what really makes any experience enjoyable is the people you get to share it with. I have an incredible core group of friends that have come into my life at different points and times; some dating back to elementary school.

My friends describe me as: "a lighthearted jackass", "high energy", "positive" and "always has a big smile on his face. I love my life. I've run with the bulls in Spain, jumped out of a few airplanes and have been known to snowboard wearing my pink bunny costume. I also like keeping it low-key; trying out a new restaurant, having drinks around a fire with close friends, or just hanging out with my dog, Gunner. Although I've been in several long-term relationships, I've never been engaged or married and do not have any children.

I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind occasions that gather friends together in a fun atmosphere. One of my best events is the RainBeer Run which doubles as my company Christmas Party and a charitable event. As part of last year's event, we traveled to Waldos best dive bars on scooters and ended at the Brooksider for the after party; which was played by the Stolen Winnebagos my friends' favorite house band. The RainBeer run is an outstanding time, but also has a charitable component which helps someone who has been struck with tragedy in the past year.

Real estate has always been a passion of mine. I enjoy buying, selling and renting spaces, but my true enjoyment comes from rehabbing and redesign. These houses give me opportunities to be creative and color outside the lines a bit. I love the feeling I get at the completion of a home transformation.

It is a great feeling of accomplishment and pride; especially when it gets acknowledged by appreciative neighbors and peers. Health and fitness are "supa-important" to me. I went from being a little chunk-a-monk of a kid to having a six-pack woohoo!

I work out regularly at a couple of places close to home, and have a real passion for eating the right food. Someone who wants to build a life together, take on challenges with me, be a teammate, a kind hearted person who looks out for others. Has similar values, positive attitude, and sociable. If you think you would be a great match, please take a few minutes to tell me more about you! Self nominated women are not entitled to the referral payout.

If you have a friend that you think would be a great match, please tell her about me! Find me a girlfriend and I'll pay you Seriously. Jeff, 47, Prairie Village, Kansas I am an entrepreneur fortunate enough to still be passionate about the career path I've chosen.

A Great Life I love my life. RainBeer Run I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind occasions that gather friends together in a fun atmosphere.

Flipping Out Real estate has always been a passion of mine. I was a Chunk-a-Monk Health and fitness are "supa-important" to me. I have always known Jeff as a generous person but recently he provided a very big act of kindness to my family at a time of need and crisis. I will never be able to thank him enough for how he helped my family.

Jeff is one of those guys that just has a good soul and you know it and feel it by being around him. We have countless funny stories involving Jeff, but what you might not know unless you've known him a long time is how close he is to his family. His parents are gems and he looks out for them along with his sister. He has helped us in times of need, and we wish him success finding the right person for him. Jeff has been a friend for a lot of years and without a doubt is always just a phone call away when needed.

He treats my kids as if they are his own and would do anything for us. He is truly a loyal and great friend! I could speak to many different wonderful qualities regarding Jeff, but his generosity is most notable to me. He gives effortlessly of his time, resources, and friendship to anyone without cause or agenda.

He is truly a kind, thoughtful guy. I give him the credit for helping me find a voice and having a back bone to fight for justice. Whether you know it or not… he is an angel by my definition. I have known Jeff for 25 years, he has always been a very driven and focused person. He is always looking out for those around him and making sure to expand relationships through fun activities to keep us connected. I have known Jeff for 35 years and can say that he has succeeded at everything he has ever attempted, it is a testament to his commitment.

Jeff is charismatic by nature, you can't help but love him. We've had the honor of calling him a friend and neighbor for 15 plus years. He never hesitates to lend a hand or go out of his way and above the expected to help someone out.

Jeff has been a great friend for several years. He is the friend that is shows up for you in good times to celebrate and in bad times to give you a shoulder to cry on. I met Jeff in high school back in and have been best friends with ever since. Throughout the years I have seen him live life to the fullest. He has climbed the street light poles in Lawrence after a ku basketball championship to running with the bulls in Spain. His kind heart and amazing spirit shine very bright.

Get on this bus. Jeff has always been very people oriented -he is still in touch with friends from elementary school, high school as well as college. He continues to make new friends and add them to his group. Jeff is a very hard worker and problem solver and he always ready to help, no parent could be more proud of their son than I am.

Jeff did something amazing for my daughter once she got finished with a major surgery - it was completely out of the blue, wonderful, and brought a ton of joy and a few tears to our family. Jeff is flat out cool and so easy to love! He's all about relationships and is a loyal friend for life to MANY of us! Jeff is a self-made guy who succeeds in everything he does, including his charitable causes! He founded the RainBeer Run that is a huge hit and fundraiser that I look forward to every year!

Jeff has a God-given gift of being able to make timely, positive investment decisions either when opportunities present themselves Or when he proactively seeks them out. However, said two year old came home with a Jayhawk tramp stamp and I went to K-State!

The selflessness and open dialogue he uses is the baseline for our friendship. I have found Jeff to be a true optimist. He sees the positive outcomes the universe offers, and is very open about sharing these.

I find whenever I talk to him I end up feeling a little better about whatever it was that may have been troubling me when we started. And that makes him a good friend to have. I May Be That Girl. I Know A Girl. I like app based dating.

Find This Guy A Girlfriend And He Will Pay You $25,000

No eBook available Capstone Amazon. Justina Ireland lives with her husband, kid, and dog in Pennsylvania. She is the author of both full-length books and short fiction and considers words to be her best friends.

I am an entrepreneur fortunate enough to still be passionate about the career path I've chosen. Throughout the years, I've established, built, and sold a couple of companies and have enjoyed economic success.

Brooks' passion for Buckley's work really shone through and I was gladly introduced to an artist with whom I was previously Read full review. Daphne A. Brooks is Associate Professor in the Department of English and the Center for African-American Studies at Princeton University where she teaches courses on African-American literature and culture, performance studies, critical gender studies, and popular music culture. Account Options Sign in.

Loved-up Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez pack on PDA at Disneyland after dropping $165m on LA mansion

His website is a short memoir detailing his interests, his requirements and even his body composition — anything to help woo his future mate. The personal advertisement shows off his affinity for a polo and button-up shirt, as well as anything with an American flag printed on it, real estate, beer crawls and his buddies. Staying true to his American Dream aesthetic, Gebhart details his adoration for flipping houses. Everything from the buying and selling, to the rehabbing and design, tickles his fancy. Friend Matt Stover even provided a bizarre analogy for joining him in a romantic partnership, describing a time when Gebhart rented a school bus for him and his boys to go on a bar crawl. Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. World Canada Local. Full Menu Search Menu. Close Local your local region National.

This man will pay you $25K if you find him a girlfriend

Actually no I do know, I think it's creepy but I can kind of a little bit undderstand where he's coming from but ultimately how creepy would it be to be dating him and having you be paid oput every year after 5 years, like wth hahaha here watch the video:. Dating is defined as being in a romantic relationship with Gebhart. Both Gebhart and Dating Female have the right at any time and for any reason to end the romantic relationship. If the romantic relationship with Dating Female ends prior to the completion of the Initial Dating Period, then Gebhart does not owe any money to the person that referred the Dating Female to Gebhart. If the romantic relationship with Dating Female ends after the completion of the Initial Dating Period, then Gebhart does not owe any money to the person that referred the Dating Female to Gebhart, other than what has already been paid by Gebhart to the person that referred the Dating Female to Gebhart.

Listen up, ladies! Calling all single women, this is your chance!

By Sara Nathan. Warner in the s. It fits perfectly with the new celebrity life that the Amazon. Consider any high-profile pop-culture event of the past few months, and Bezos, 56, was in attendance.

Search for love: Kansas man offers $25K to help find him a long-term girlfriend

By Hannah Skellern For Dailymail. Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez have been spotted spending Valentine's Day together during a romantic trip to Disneyland before dining out at an exclusive restaurant. The billionaire Amazon founder and his TV host girlfriend were seen strolling hand in hand through the California theme park flanked by security guards. The couple looked content as they sampled Disneyland's rides and shared a moment as they embraced.

Bezos and his security consultant of defaming him in connection with a National Enquirer story revealing Mr. Michael Sanchez, a Hollywood talent manager and the brother of Lauren Sanchez, said in his lawsuit, which was filed on Friday in state court in Los Angeles, that Mr. Bezos to The Enquirer. Among its other claims, Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Sanchez also said his home was searched by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Man offers $25,000 to anyone who can find him a girlfriend

While many people are scrambling to find last-minute presents or even a date before Valentine's Day , this Kansas man wants a little something more: A girlfriend. So, he said, he decided to think outside the box. Gebhart, an entrepreneur by trade, has been working on the project for about six months. The site has all anyone would ever need to know about the eligible bachelor, including a two-minute-long video detailing his quest. Gebhart has never been engaged or married, but has been in several long term relationships, according to his site. He doesn't have any kids, but does have a beloved pup named Gunner, and is using his search for love to help out other dogs.

Meet Jeff. Jeff wants a girlfriend. Jeff will pay you $ if you find him one. Jeff is serious.

Gebhart has never been married. He tried online dating after his last breakup, but it was not for him. He said he began talking to his friends about how much time they spend on dating apps, and how much money they waste on dates they should have passed on.

This Man is Offering $25,000 To Anyone Who Can Help Him Find A Girlfriend

Jeffrey Poppy. Poppy was born into life with drama-as a newborn he had to have a blood transfusion. Growing up with an abusive father, he relived the abuse by self-destruction through his teenage years and into adulthood.

By Suzy Weiss. And nothing screams romance like the legally binding caveat that the District Court of Johnson County, Kansas, has jurisdiction over any forthcoming litigations. Jeff Gebhart from Jeff Gebhart on Vimeo.





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