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Find the odd man out monday tuesday wednesday thursday

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Find the oddman out— (A) MOndAy (B) tUESdAy (C) WEdNESdAy (D) thUrSdAy?

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On 31 st December , it was Thursday. All Rights Reserved. Contact us: info. Current Affairs General Knowledge. Microbiology Biochemistry Biotechnology Biochemical Engineering. Discussion :: Calendar - General Questions Q.

It was Sunday on Jan 1, What was the day of the week Jan 1, ? Sunday [B]. Saturday [C]. Friday [D]. Thus, on 1 st Jan, it is Friday. Report errors. Workspace Report. If it has any remainder then it will be considered as an odd day for that year.

Given day is 'Sunday' and total no of odd days is '5'. Jan 1, is sunday. Consider completed year before i. Contains '0' odd days.

Here it is divided by 4 because for every 4 years we get leap year. We divide year by If remainder comes 0 means that year is leap year. We know the given year is leap year or not, that year is divided by 4. That number year does not give any remainder that year is called leap year. Anyone please explain. If please explain it with steps.

I am so sorry. Let me know that simple method to find leap year. Actually I don't know how to calculate. But now I can do with help of you. Thak you. Thank you. Sunder's explanation is pretty simple when compared to yours. Don't make students to give up their effort in learning something by giving these type of difficult explanations. Thanks for your approach. Can u please say me why is used there possibly some concept behind?

Because the value will be gone to minus so what to do? How can you calculate 16th july ? I too want to know the same. Look up the s in the centuries table: 0 2. Note the last two digits of the year: 82 3. Look up April in the months table: 6 5. What day will it be on the 25th of October in the same year? And there are 7 days a week. So, the closest factor of 7 is So after 49 days again there will be Sunday. So,add 3 days to Sunday that is Wednesday.

Please explain? Really good dear. The example 16 may which you have given is for non leap year right. Then take the finding year with substract 1. Now find the how many leap year and how many ordinary year in this 9.

So we divide. So 2 leap year and 7 ordinary year. Now take the months table what they ask to find out here jan 1. So no months is there as to take 1. Weeks table. Thats all. Solution: Add next day for the next year. Ex: 1 Jan is Sunday in next year it will come on Monday.

In Feb 29 will come extra day for the year. Its helpful. Please tell me the solution. Hence in consecutive years, February has the 29th day 97 times, and the remaining 11 months have the 29th day x 11 or times. Since is non leap year. So 2 days extra. So Friday is answer. You can solve leap year by this formula as told by Pavithra but only few things I have changed.

Check out. Add date and year of the last 2 digits. Divide by 4 last 2 digits of the year. Here we take only coefficient.

Don't take reminder. Here we take reminder. Answer is Friday. Janactober-0 jan, oct. Mayday-1 may day is on may 1. Femano-3 feb, mar, nov. Saydec-5 sept, dec.

Julapril-6 july, april. Try to remember like this guys. Other is 3 No , , That mean Its day is Friday. We take Sunday as 0.

So if we start it from Sunday then till the counting of 5 it should come as Friday. This will continue. For no. For 1 Jan no. If leap year then add 2 days otherwise 1 day will be add if and only if year is only changed and date will be same.

And in this year were 29 days in Feb. And a year consist days. If reminder is 0 then it is leap year. Therefore Year is Leap year hence we get 0 odd days. From remaining 10 Years we have, 8 Ordinary years and 2 leap years i. Please help me. Can any one give easy and clear method? Could you please explain in detail?

Here , , , , In this number of odd days in each year is 1 but is is the leap year.

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Now years have no odd days at all. One odd day is present in years. Hence option A is correct. Now years have no odd days and years have one odd day.

On 31 st December , it was Thursday. All Rights Reserved.

Directions Q. Tips -Objective tests require a lot of practice. Particularly for the Reasoning and Numerical Ability tests, practice pays. It not only enables a candidate to solve the problems correctly by indicating the methods to be used but also by achieving the required speed. Regular practice also generates a lot of confidence in the mind of the candidate to attempt the paper.

Find the odd man out 1.New Delhi 2.Islamabad 3.London 4.Washington 5.Paris 6.Sydney.


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So, while finding out the day on a Particular date, the number of odd days should be counted from Monday. If the number of odd days is one, the particular date.








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