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Get friend code xy

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. Some times when you trade with an acquaintance you get a prompt asking if you want to be friends with the other person. Most of the times it does not. It happens randomly too.


SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: My 3 Friend codes AND How to get yours on x and y

How do you add friends for pokemon y?

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! How do you add friends for pokemon y? I need friends for pokemon y so can use the friend safari? User Info: Macleod Add me back, please Segil User Info: jgil Top Voted Answer.

Yes you need friend codes to use the friend safari. To add friends: If you are talking about out of game. Then at the home menu, you want to click the orange square with a face in it. Once in that menu, there will be a an option to register a friend. Local means that th eperson is right next to you and you connect DS s.

Internet is where you will need to type in someone's friend code. In Pokemon X and Y if you interact with someone enough trade, battle, etc while that person is in your acquaintances list, it will give you the option to add that person as a friend.

User Info: RandomMode. Andybear User Info: andybear Shadowopz Could you add me, I could really use a rufflet. Can you plz add me? Thewiz User Info: Kazaboum. New to the game, looking for friends for the safari, add me please : Ally: User Info: allynpagan. Add me please Micahtec User Info: Micahtec So the other person has to add you too?

User Info: Micahtec Add me If you need to respond to me my email is mikefallofmankind yahoo. Add me. Nice brook you have ice type beartic and delibird can't see your third atm User Info: mikefomk. Add me User Info: Bigfinn Darius: Hi guys repost my FC name pokemonFS. Will add all also can someone plz tell me what type of safari an pokemon are in my fs thanks x User Info: kimmonie. Add me please I will defiantly add back if I missed u already!!!

Joedeez : User Info: Joedeez. Added a few new FC add back. Added some people on this page. Add me back. Sullz - User Info: Sullz Add me please Engwyn, User Info: Engwyn. I've added you guys, please add me too Beto: User Info: Betovc.

Hey guys.. Add me Panzer: User Info: panzermeister. Panzer you need to add my code to finish the add Allyn if you added my code I need your code to finish the add and I added your daughters code she just needs to add mine User Info: mikefomk.

Added y'all, please add me back User Info: Kezia Add me User Info: Onycks. Add me User Info: Ksmithx5x. Added just about everyone on here so please add me back. Thanks User Info: Ksmithx5x. Hey guys! I added all of you, so please add me. User Info: Dest My codes: Would appreciate any adds and will add back and such. User Info: Alriv. Jgil and alriv I added you both just add me back User Info: mikefomk. Please add my son to your friends I added most of you. Added most of you.

Friend code is I would appreciate any friends User Info: jrod Everybody add me as well please! Added you jolk7 and taurez12, could you add me taurez12? User Info: ultima Please Add Me ACat will be the message with my account Ty User Info: ACat I'll add you if you will add me Friend code User Info: Bert I have added everyone who provided numbers here.

Please add me as well. User Info: ACat Added all of you please add. Hi all, I'm new to pokemon X aswell but have been playing pokemon games ever since the first generation came out.

I added all of the above, please add me too: Shoto: Thx! Add me and I'll add you back! FC: User Info: Saloy. Add me too please. User Info: bwisawesome. Make sure everyone adds me plz.

FC Also im really trying to find a ditto safari if anyone has one. User Info: bballking I added most you so if you add me back it would be greatly appreciative.

FC: User Info: Mythrockz. Looking for friends myself. Added a few of you as well. FC: User Info: Kabloosh. Please add, , will check frequently. User Info: Greddy Please add me bros, i will add you too FC: User Info: danyprrs. Ok already added you. Lol, Why would you want a ditto safari? Ditto spawn in Pokemon Village frequently. Just go there. User Info: mikefomk. Finished adding everyone that added me and anyone below my last message.

Again my FC is The pokemon in the friend safari are guaranteed to have a few perfect IVs so if you can get the ditto safari it will make much quicker to breed pokemon. User Info: Kabloosh. I have literally added all of you so please add me my number is and also add my wife janelle is If I missed anyone which i doubt it let me know and I will add User Info: ultima I just added you Covaine so add me pls User Info: ultima

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This new feature, which was also available in Wii, lets you connect with other players anywhere in the world as long as they have an Internet connection. Log in Facebook. No account yet?

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! How do you add friends for pokemon y?

Friend Safari

Use your friends' 3DS Codes to find and capture specific Pokemon. Each friend can have up to three slots for three different Pokemon associated with their type, with the third slot only becoming available after the Friend has defeated the Pokemon League and connected to the internet some time after you registered their code. All Pokemon encountered within the Safari are at level You can weaken Pokemon using the Pokemon in your party, and capture them with any Poke Balls currently in your bag, just like in the other parts of Kalos. Also worth noting is that every Pokemon found in the Safari will have two of their Individual Value stats at 31 Max , making it worth the time and effort for competitive battlers and breeders to check it out. Pokemon with Hidden Abilities can be found in this Safari, as well. Click one of the types in the table below to jump to a section with the available Pokemon in the Safari under that same type.

Pokemon X and Y: How to Find Pokemon on a Friend Safari

Thank you everyone for joining our Pokemon safari madness. We reached a friends some time ago and will probably not be adding new people. I still wanna thank everybody for sharing there friend code with complete strangers for the sake of Pokemon! Anyway happy hunting and see ya around on the site. The friend safari is a safari that will unlock after you defeated the elite four and gives you a chance to got random Pokemon based per type.

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Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. I've tried looking for this in a variety of places online and even in a couple of different languages. A couple of people have suggested that they figured it out, but there's no proof anywhere that I could find.

Pokemon Safari Friend Code Exchange

We already added you! Thank you so much in advance! Nice to meet you!

As such, any players who successfully register a given friend code in their 3DS will all be able to access the exact same Friend Safari. There is no way for the player to access the Friend Safari for their own 3DS. Friends who have been recognized in the PSS will usually be represented in the Friend Safari list by the avatar they were last seen with on the PSS, while Friends who have not been seen will be represented by a "? However, if the player has added more than Friends by deleting some at some point , the earliest-seen avatars may begin to be forgotten and revert to "? Also, if a Friend is deleted from the 3DS's friend list and then readded later, their Safari may retain the status it had before it was deleted.

How do I find my friend code?

So far, I've got 50 hours logged in-game, got me some pokemen, including all the Kanto and Karos starters. Went through the entire game with my trusty Pikachu, and didn't even find the Thunderstone on Route 10 until Post-game. GG Azure. Ruivo ? I was just considering creating such a topic! I really enjoyed Y, now I'm getting into the post-game stuff, delving into the friend safari pretty hard right now. If you get a Luvdisc with a terrible nickname from Sixty5 over wonder trade I appologise. I play pokemon X - Waiting for the pokebank to be completed - I have been playing pokemon since '96 have all types but 3 - Mew, Celebi, Genesect.

Topic: Pokemon XY Friend Code Exchange. Posts 1 to 10 My friend code is Add me and Will do when i get home. Friend  Oct 17, - 10 posts - ‎7 authors.








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