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It was the second pairing of Hopkins and Pitt after their film Legends of the Fall. The film received mixed reviews from critics. Billionaire media mogul Bill Parrish is considering a merger between his company and another media giant and is about to celebrate his 65th birthday with an elaborate party planned by his eldest daughter, Allison. His youngest daughter, Susan, a resident in internal medicine , is in a relationship with one of Bill's board members, Drew. She is considering marriage, but Bill can tell that she is not passionately in love.

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Meet Joe Black

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Attracted but too shy to pursue the meeting, they go their ways. The girl, Susan Claire Forlani is the daughter of much loved tycoon and widower, William Parrish Anthony Hopkins , about to celebrate his 65 th birthday, with a huge party arranged by his older daughter Allison Marcia Gay Harden.

Strange voices in his head herald the arrival of an enigmatic young man who introduces himself as the incarnation of death. He is here for a bit of a tour of the human condition before taking Bill Parrish away. Then comes the reckoning for all of them. Everything works except the script. And Brad Pitt. Direction could have saved Pitt from making so many big mistakes. Anyway, the script should never have got the green light: the notion of incarnating death as a sort of wandering spirit looking to experience human life, as a sort of blob, is totally unusable.

Yet he is a man with no personality or character once the long opening sequence reveals him. To stretch this weak idea into a three hour schmaltz-fest adds injury to insult. A major flaw in the characterisation of Joe Black is that he is presented as a weirdo alien albeit a handsome one , who at times seems au fait with earthly life, while at others behaves like a being from another planet. Brad Pitt is poorly directed here, and at times we are left only to drool at his extraordinary good looks.

It is almost obscene for someone to look this good, and there are ample close ups to satisfy the most demanding of fans. The resulting character is inconsistent and incomplete; maybe there were too many script writers all trying too hard. It's to the credit of the talented cast that despite all these problems, most performances move, engage and stimulate the imagination. Anthony Hopkins gives another wonderful performance, drawing on the minutae of life to bring his character to life.

Claire Forlani is delightful as Susan, while Marcia Gay Harden is a real scene stealer as the older daughter who needs to go to extraordinary lengths to be noticed. Thomas Newman's evocative music score enhances and the look of the film is polished and handsome.

Should you greet and meet Joe Black? Brad Pitt fans, yes. Lovers of good cinema? It's a case of misspent ideas and wasted talent, all jumbled up in a screenplay that is only half strong. If only the film's direction and screenplay were focused; if only the film's young leads had a reasonable amount of charisma; if only the film had delved more into the emotional journey confronted by Bill Parrish.

This is a movie full of if onlys, yet, there is at times a slight resonance of something here that is fulfilling. To begin with, however, the film's problem is that director Martin Brest has no idea of when to say 'cut'. For the kind of film this is, or at least ought to be, Meet Joe Black is excessively long.

He deals with a relatively simple story in 3 hours, yet the original film upon which this is based, did it all in 78 minutes. The film is poorly cut together and its length is due to endless repetition of dialogue and scenes, and Pinteresque pausing which slows down the film excessively.

The film's length is also due to a muddled script credited with no less than four writers. There are at least three separate films going on here, from the integral journey of Hopkins' dying mogul Bill Parrish, to the ridiculous love story between Death and the insipid Susan; to some even sillier subplot involving a take over bid, and a nasty future son-in-law, treated in a simplistic Hollywood fashion.

There are some wonderful moments in Meet Joe Black, the odd set piece, such as the genuinely emotive finale, featuring a spectacular birthday party, and there are some beautifully orchestrated sequences.

But most of those belong to Hopkins. Urban "The good news and the bad news are packaged together in Meet Joe Black, whose intriguing premise and top performances are counteracted by its length, problematic script and stilted, uninspired direction.

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Robbie Amell , star of " Upload ," explains why you can't miss the latest from " Parks and Recreation " creator Greg Daniels. Watch the video. In the early s, three brothers and their father living in the remote wilderness of Montana are affected by betrayal, history, love, nature, and war. True story of Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian mountain climber who became friends with the Dalai Lama at the time of China's takeover of Tibet.

Nevertheless, in the year , Meet Joe Black is, improbably, having a moment again. Specifically, a minute-and-a-half-long clip from the movie has been making the rounds on Twitter since it was posted Thursday. Pitt steps into the street against the light—reckless!

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Meet Joe Black is about death visiting billionaire communications mogul William Parrish - Anthony Hopkins - a couple of days before his 65th birthday. However he is well aware of our foibles Meet Joe Black has come in for its share of criticism and you can see why, the pregnant pauses make up a significant amount of its minute running time. However there is something poignant about death becoming acquainted with the loss he inflicts on us humans and in him experiencing it himself. However, Hopkins once again gives weight to a film and Forlani is beautifully vulnerable. SBS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia. Signout Sign in Create an account. Coronavirus info in your language Indigenous Voices Watch a drama series Homeland. Movies home Videos What's on.

‘Meet Joe Black’ Goes Viral After 21 Years Thanks to Brad Pitt’s Insane Car Accident Scene

Meet Joe Black. Martin Brest min. Review Our Score. Brad Pitt stars as the Grim Reaper in this remake of the fantasy Death Takes a Holiday , giving ailing media magnate Anthony Hopkins an offer he can't refuse - extra life, provided Death can spend a few days living among mortals.

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Attracted but too shy to pursue the meeting, they go their ways. The girl, Susan Claire Forlani is the daughter of much loved tycoon and widower, William Parrish Anthony Hopkins , about to celebrate his 65 th birthday, with a huge party arranged by his older daughter Allison Marcia Gay Harden. Strange voices in his head herald the arrival of an enigmatic young man who introduces himself as the incarnation of death.

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It is a movie about a woman who falls in love with a concept. And it is a meditation on the screen presence of Brad Pitt. That there is also time for scenes about sibling rivalry and a corporate takeover is not necessarily a good thing. The movie contains elements that make it very good, and a lot of other elements besides.

Claire Antonia Forlani born 17 December [1] is an English actress. She became known in the mids for her leading role in the film Mallrats , and in the Jean-Michel Basquiat biopic Basquiat. In , she achieved wide recognition for starring in the fantasy romance film Meet Joe Black During her six years at the school, she also studied dance, which led to performances on stage in The Nutcracker and Orpheus in the Underworld. Forlani's parents moved to San Francisco in , in order to allow for wider casting opportunities in Hollywood films. In , she played the supporting role of Brandi Svenning in Mallrats.

Meet Joe Black Review

I first watched this movie with my mom right after her dad died, and we sobbed the entire way through, both of us finding our own connections to the story of a beloved father Hopkins leaving his daughter Claire Forlani behind as she, uh … well, as she falls in love with the Grim Reaper. Much like The OA , this movie is embarrassing to describe out loud. To this day, even the first few notes of the sweeping score bring me to tears. But Meet Joe Black is not for everyone. It requires a suspension of cynicism to let yourself get caught up in a three-hour film about Anthony Hopkins coming to terms with his mortality while his mortality sits next to him at dinner. It also requires a real suspension of disbelief to watch Brad Pitt pretend to be a virgin. However, if you do fall for its weird charms, you will be rewarded with several scenes of Brad Pitt eating peanut butter in a way that can only be described as pornographic, and a sex scene wherein Brad Pitt — remember, a virgin!

Oct 12, - Claire Forlani has shared her experience of meeting with Harvey The actress — who starred in Meet Joe Black and has been featured on.

Death chooses the very wealthy widow William Parrish Anthony Hopkins , tough builder of a Press emporium, about to be His time has come, but before taking him, Death wants to be around him in human form in order to learn certain things that he believes can be learned from Mr. Parrish, who has lived a very intense and fulfilling life. So for a while Death stays in Bill's home, having taken the body of a young man Brad Pitt who died very suddenly hit by a car What Death "Joe Black" didn't know is that the young man whose body he took had just met Bill's daughter casually in a coffee shop and they had "fallen" for each other as if struck by lightning.

In the years since, she has also found her voice, speaking out about her brush with Harvey Weinstein, how the gender pay gap affects her — and just how many mints she and Pitt went through to film their big love scene. The actor, then 26, played the lead in the romantic drama Meet Joe Black opposite a very charming, very blond Brad Pitt, who was arguably at the height of his fame. Yet things have come full circle for Forlani, as the year-old finds herself starring in Five Feet Apart , a film about a girl who cannot be with the boy she loves. This time though, she plays the mother of one of the star-crossed lovers.

Each turns around periodically to look back longingly, but neither does so when the other is similarly paused. Claire turns the corner. Brad pauses in the middle of the street.





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