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Girl meets world fanfiction farkle hurt

Hullooo lovelies! So, this is my first ever GMW story, so please review and tell me how I can do better! This was inspired by, but has no relation to, Girl Meets Money! The morning shown down into Farkle's room, via his planetarium roof.

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Farkle and Maya

Hullooo lovelies! So, this is my first ever GMW story, so please review and tell me how I can do better! This was inspired by, but has no relation to, Girl Meets Money! The morning shown down into Farkle's room, via his planetarium roof. He stirred in his bed, curling further into his blankets.

Even now, he could hear them. All night, he had heard them. Sit there and cuddle with him while Minkus International runs itself? Farkle groaned, trying to block his parent's out. He wished they would stop. All throughout the past two days, they'd been going non-stop. Stuart Minkus had recently began looking into expanding his company in Asia, and was planning on taking a business trip to Tokyo.

Farkle didn't understand why his mom was so upset. It wasn't like it would be such a drastic change. He rarely saw his dad anyway, and at least now Stuart would have an excuse. Being on the other side of the world, rather than in the next city. Farkle gave up trying to sleep. He didn't have to get ready for school for another hour. He gazed around his room, boredom creeping into him.

Millions of dollars worth of toys and games and yet, he couldn't think of anything to do with them. He picked up a tablet, looking it over. The screen glowed painfully bright, showcasing an absence of apps.

Farkle tossed it aside. He crossed the large space to his dresser, where he kept his most important things. His heart warmed up just looking at the souvenirs from his friends.

He dug around at the back of drawer, and pulled out something that still gave him mixed emotions. He flipped through the pages, occasionally stopping at dog-tagged images of himself and his friends. Farkle winced. He heard his mother sob a little, and knew the conversation was over.

He clutched the yearbook tightly, trying to take a deep breath. It seemed like that's all he ever did anymore, take deep breaths and try not to feel anything.

A door slammed somewhere in the house. Farkle's heart sank. He was mad. Mad at his mom for making this such a big deal. It was only a year. But who was counting? Farkle exhaled loudly, hurling the yearbook across the room.

It hit his bookcase with a satisfying crack, and Farkle grabbed the next nearest item. A framed picture of himself and the Matthews family. He threw that too. It smashed into the floor, glass flying, and a pang of sadness ripped through him. He loved that picture. Why did he do that? Farkle jerked backwards, and a hurt look flashed in her eyes. Jennifer looked at her son. She bit her lip, then nodded quickly.

Farkle watched as she produced one of the fake smiles that she wore too often lately. She stood up. Shaking his head, he began to get dressed. Black jeans and a gray hoodie. He didn't bother with breakfast, not in the mood for food, and rushed through the rest of his preparations.

Farkle grabbed his backpack and hopped onto his train as it passed into his room. He rode in silence for the half hour it took to get to the elevators, then rode down to the exit and stepped outside.

The morning brightened his spirits only slightly. Two limos were parked in front of his building, complete with drivers, but Farkle ignore them. Today he wanted to have nothing to do with Minkus International. Farkle groaned inwardly. Sometimes it felt like Corey Matthews was psychic. Always able to relate his lessons to any problem anyone was having.

If you weren't rich or well known, you would do anything to try and find a better family. Farkle gritted his teeth. Anger raged inside him for reasons he couldn't identify, and he balled his fists up as tightly as he could. He wished everyone would just shut up!

School was supposed to be his domain. His safe place! He breathed deeply, trying to calm down, and put his head down onto the desk. He focused on blocking out all sound. He focused on not screaming in frustration.

Farkle slowly looked up, overly aware that the attention was now on him. That's it," Farkle growled. He felt the surprise that went around the room. His hands were tingling from lack of blood, but he couldn't find the will to unclench them. He looked at her and his anger drained away, leaving nothing but incredible exhaustion, and guilt. The bell finally rang and everyone else filed out.

His friends moved closer. I'm didn't mean to worry you guys," Farkle lied. He knew he didn't need to work very hard to be convincing. He did have bags under his eyes and his hair was still tousled and messy. He didn't want to confess, and yet he couldn't stop either. I will She sighed. Farkle smiled.

His heart lightened and for a second, everything melted away. Then it was over and Farkle found himself promising not to hide things ever again. But even then, some part of him knew that it was a lie. Farkle was trying to do his homework, but for once, he couldn't bring himself too.

He thought that after school, everything would have magically fixed itself. It hadn't. Or that his friends hadn't even known you were his father until you showed up at his school?

Not once did he ever mention you! Because you might as well not exist in his world! Farkle understands that I'm just trying to make you both comfortable. And hopefully while I'm gone, you'll learn to understand too! Farkle broke his pencil. He gazed up at the grand staircase that led directly into his parents' argument. He heard his dad go into another room and his mom quietly muttering something to herself.

His heart broke. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to say something.

I was suppose to upload Ski Lodge Part 2 but I got stuck at one part. It will be uploaded whenever I finish. Also a Smarkle one-shot will becoming soon! Riley was sitting in the school library with Farkle, who hadn't looked up from his computer the entire study hall hour. He looked paler than usual and a little tense.

They had argued before and he had yelled several insults at her before but she always just brushed it off as best she could. Lucas and Riley and both been civil towards Paul but Farkle had insisted that Paul was bad news. Maya figured that Farkle was just jealous but after what had happened tonight she realized maybe Farkle was right.

The first day Billy made fun of him for his turtlenecks and being weird, it didn't really get to him. Farkle was used to being called weird so it wasn't anything unusual; he was proud to stand out. So he just went about the rest of his day normally. Of course he didn't tell anyone, he didn't think anything of it. When it happened the next day, Farkle started to think.

I was hesitant whether to post this to not, but thanks to some persuasion from Xxxx4evaSummerxxxx, I'm posting it. Farkle wrapped his sweater a bit tighter around his body as he continued to walk down the road. It had started to rain a few minutes prior, and the dampness in the air sent a chill down his spine. He continued on his walk over a bridge and paused once he reached the center. A lot of turning points in his life seemed to involve a bridge somehow, whether it was a literal or a figurative one. A screeching sound reached his ears. He turned to see what it was, but only saw a flash of light before he went flying through the air.

Images are playing on the screen in front of them. It is cool in the tent, the air conditioning is on full blast and it's busy, but it's not packed full. However it doesn't cool Maya's temper. Lucas scoffs.

This will follow Farkle's journey in an abusive home from episode one to the time where his friends find out they will find out, but I'm not going to tell you when.

Well the Tribal Council has spoken. I have never had so many favorites and reviews happen so quickly. Thanks to you all, I am doing more with this story!

Their ship name is Faya or Markle. Even if they are considered to be frenemies, Farkle used to have a crush on Maya, although she did not feel the same way and only considered him as a close friend. However, Farkle is later shown to be more friendly towards Maya as he isn't as affectionate as he used to be, and she now accepts his friendship openly same applies to him and Riley. Their relationship has a hilarious and touching dynamic to it and they have shown to be extremely protective of each other and care a lot about each other.

It was a typical night after school were gathered to do their homework well everyone except for Lucas who was always late , and Farkle who was usually right next to his girlfriend Riley making the other two gag. Riley was tapping her pencil on her notepad her eyes fixed on the door of Topanga's her worried face on. Maya patted Riley's hand trying to make her at least smile"Don't worry so much pumpkin it will give you wrinkles. Riley sighed softly focusing on Maya still fiddling with her pencil "I usually don't , but he has been off for a few days. Riley nodded just so Maya would go back to her homework , or focus on someone else instead of her. She knew Farkle , and his behavior that last few days hadn't been his usual self.

Farkle kept tossing and turning the night after Maya's 17 th birthday sleepover. His stomach was clenching and twisting every few minutes and he had bitten his lip so much it had bled a little. Right now he was lying on a camp bed in the Matthews sitting room. Lucas and Josh had the armchairs and Riley and Maya were on the sofa. He got up to go find paracetamol in the kitchen drawer a few feet away but another pain so much worse than the others had hit when he was halfway across the sitting room. Josh, Lucas and Maya woke up to his loud cry and turned on the lamp to see his crumpled form on the floor.

Feb 24, - In Texas Farkle realises Maya's feelings for Lucas. Maya just wants Riley How could she let their best friend get hurt? What was she thinking.

It was a calm, normal day in Mr Cory Matthews' history class at John Adam Quincey Middle School, and the kids were doing their history lesson as was expected of their curriculum. He went on a rant about becoming all knowledgeable like Einstein after learning about Belgium, , before he suddenly passed out, despite Riley trying to get him to calm down. She led him out of the classroom and closed the door.

Farkle spent the entire walk home thinking about what he had done. Guilt is a funny thing. You never feel it when you're doing the thing that is wrong.

Farkle walks outside to find Lucas sitting in Pappy Joes rocking chair Farkle wasn't sure what just happened in the living room. All he knew was that his best friend was hurting…all at the hands of his other best friend.

What happens when she returns?

Here is my good friend Starry's request! Finally haha. I have once again split it up in two parts. If I have any more request for this or related to this then maybe it'll be 3 or 4 parts.

It starts with one mistake. One day they messed up and then young Stuart Minkus is married and a father of a little boy with the strange name of Farkle. He's busy with school and she's busy, too, so Farkle goes to a daycare- it's expensive, sure, and not very good, but Farkle's taken care of. So Stuart works on making a better place in the world for Farkle and pretends he loves his wife that he never sees. It's okay though, because it'll get better soon. Stuart is rising through the ranks of a prestigious company and getting a billion degrees and starting his own company and sleeps at the office with little boy Farkle still at the daycare while his mother disappears for days, weeks, months at a time. It's okay though, because Stuart spoils Farkle with the fuzziest blankets and the most fun toys.

I'm a girl meets world fan. I'm not really look at every detail obsessed, but I was thinking about Farkle. Farkle sat at the kitchen table doing homework.

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