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Standing on the monitor he engaged the crowd and took them on the journey which was his set. His hands flew back and forth from his laptop to his turntable, to one of the two microphones he was using, employing his incredible MC abilities as he showed the diversity of his music. The Houston native flew through his songs, some of which sampled music from many different genres — from fast-paced punk to Texas country and 80s pop. Shortly after performing a song about his decision to eat healthy, Fat Tony left the stage to the cheers of the satisfied audience.

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You have to be willing to pump it out, and you have to try to work hard to make it look easy. Felton should know. Felton has been volunteering as the voice of Winona high school sports since the mids.

He got his start even earlier than that, announcing his kids' swim meets. Felton started doing community theater in He said announcing sporting events and acting rely on some of the same skills — like projecting his voice and thinking on his feet.

Over the decades, Felton announced everything from baseball to the Mr. Winona Senior High School Pageant. Today, he limits his time to football, boys and girls soccer and boys and girls basketball. Announcing is an unlikely job for Felton, who retired from the Social Security Administration in and whose kids are adults now. Felton said he was never much of a sports player or fan in his younger years. But being behind the microphone and so close to the game has made him a fan — especially of basketball.

Felton said he considers that to be a crucial part of his role: treating the other team with respect. And they don't need some wise old guy making silly remarks about them from the sidelines. Winhawks girls basketball coach Tim Gleason said that's classic Ray Felton — always fair and endlessly supportive of the players. Gleason said Felton's dedication to the players has uplifted their spirits during tough seasons — and motivated them to do better.

He recalled the girls basketball team's first conference title in That was a pretty special moment. MPR News is dedicated to bringing you clarity in coverage from our reporters across the state, stories that connect us, and conversations that provide perspectives when we need it most.

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What you need to know Your questions answered How to help. Share story Twitter Facebook. Felton has been announcing Winhawk games since the mids. Fullscreen Slide Previous Slide 1 of 2. Support MPR News. Program Schedule Station Directory. Recent Top Stories.

Black Midi make it look easy

Herbal Blessings is the fourth novel by author and professional herb grower, Carolee Snyder. She began her herb farm in southern Indiana in , relocating to central Indiana in where she currently grows a field of lavender and multiple display gardens. In addition to writing and gardening, she raised a family, hosted a radio show for eight years, and traveled extensively to visit gardens throughout the United States and Europe. When she's not at the farm or inventing recipes in the kitchen, she travels across the country speaking about her beloved herbs.

What goes up must come down Ones everywhere, but what's a dollar to a pound? Oh, bass turn up every time you turn around I swear you must've been practicing when you're by yourself in your house 'Cause you make it look so easy, so easy Girl you make it look so easy, so easy How you make it look so easy, so easy?

This is an amazing book. It talks about many different subjects and topics. There are poems about love, life and laughter. Poems about having fun and reminiscing. It is a book of ordinary poems from an ordinary girl.

Aliceville girls make it look easy in 2A regional

Sometimes I see you at the grocery store picking up organic fruits and veggies with your hair blown out and makeup on and your organized shopping list neatly written out on pretty stationery and I wonder how I compare in my yoga pants and fresh face holding a crumpled up paper towel with scribbled reminders of what I need to buy. Sometimes I look through my social media feeds and I wonder how you're on vacation again and how good it is that you're taking the time to put your marriage first and how do you afford it and how does your body look so awesome in that bikini after kids? And I wonder if your life is as perfect on the inside as it looks on the outside. Sometimes I hear about the incredible school lunches you pack for your kids and I see their matching monogrammed outfits they wear and I drool over every family photo you post because everyone is smiling and looking at the camera and I'm over here just hoping my kids don't fight me on whether they're going to wear pants today or not. Sometimes I watch you effortlessly deal with a tantrum and feel a twinge of jealousy when your child listens to your request the first time you ask. Sometimes I wonder if your kids ever talk back to you or you ever lose your patience. It reminds me that we're all just doing our best to raise children who are happy and loved, while staying sane and happy ourselves. That you cry. That you doubt yourself. That you lose your patience.

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You have to be willing to pump it out, and you have to try to work hard to make it look easy. Felton should know. Felton has been volunteering as the voice of Winona high school sports since the mids. He got his start even earlier than that, announcing his kids' swim meets.

We were perfect together. Pure wasted every time you said my name Now that our titles gone, and I pretend I've moved on I'm fine I'll stay strong I sing better off now that I'm without you.

This is a fantastic series that helps you believe in yourself right along with the characters. It helps you gain a strength from inside that could be hard to find. So far every book in the series has Leer comentario completo.

‘Work hard to make it look easy’: Winona basketball announcer hits 1,000th game



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Girl you make it look so easy, so easy. How you make it look so easy? She call me Mr, she wanna role play. Now turn around and make that rotate. I've got her.


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