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Help girlfriend with eating disorder

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My son’s girlfriend has anorexia and I worry about the effect on him

She will shortly start a programme of intensive daily treatment, over several weeks. She also deals with added stress and suffered a significant bereavement a year ago. She has had therapy support over several years and, according to my son, does not confide in her therapist, prefer ring to talk to him, which makes him feel needed, from what I understand. She has a big family and a church support system.

Growing up with a younger brother who has special needs, both of our older children were raised to have more compassion for peers who experience disability and other struggles.

We allowed our son to be the shoulder to cry on thinking how would we feel if this girl was our daughter when her family member died, but have talked to him about boundaries, and how we have noticed mood changes in him. He brushes it off , saying he is tired and stressed by a heavy work load at school. We suspect her stress affects him more than he admits ; she is emotionally very needy and he does not want to set boundaries.

I am worried about the unhealthy relationship pattern between them, and would appreciate resources and advice on how to approach my parental duty lovingly, yet efficiently; soon he can legally move out and pursue this relationship, so our concern is not to alienate him.

I also lost a family member to an eating disorder. You sound extremely sensitive and kind, and it seems as if you have raised your son to be the same. Their relationships tend to be super-intensive, and shut everything else out. His claim about a heavy workload is very probably accurate and part of the picture, and moods are also part of everyday life. But, obviously, a healthy relationship needs balance and they both need to be looked after and protected.

I often use a lifeboat analogy: if you take on too many others, you risk drowning everyone. The good news is that his girlfriend is having what sounds like intensive professional help, has a support network, and people do recover from eating disorders.

I would try to gently when appropriate remind him of this, and that he can only do so much. Looking after himself is not selfish, but necessary. Try to listen and gently reassure, not lecture; we can tend to the latter when we are fearful. Then you will be better equipped to support your son, instead of looking to him to reassure you which he may feel pressure to do. Being able to offload to someone means any subsequent conversations between your son and you are less likely to become heated.

Beat is an excellent resource beateatingdisorders. I recommend you call the helpline for yourself to start with, and then let your son know about the website and the services available, and leave him to contact them if he wishes.

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Support Groups in Buenos Aires

She will shortly start a programme of intensive daily treatment, over several weeks. She also deals with added stress and suffered a significant bereavement a year ago. She has had therapy support over several years and, according to my son, does not confide in her therapist, prefer ring to talk to him, which makes him feel needed, from what I understand.

Eating disorders involve extreme disturbances in eating behaviors—following rigid diets, bingeing on food in secret, throwing up after meals, obsessively counting calories. But eating disorders are more complicated than just unhealthy dietary habits. People with eating disorders use food to deal with uncomfortable or painful emotions.

I had boyfriends when I had anorexia. Yes, I was thin in a fashionable way … before I got thin in a starving-person way. Yes, I was an extremely cheap date — for dinner in high school, of course, but also for drinks in college. Someone who ate six hundred calories all day before going out gets wasted on one cocktail. Sweet, right?

My son’s girlfriend has an eating disorder. What can I do to help him?

I got sick each time I ate, and developed a fear of food in the process. Pretty soon, I had just six foods in my diet, ate only once a day, and exercised non-stop—all in the name of better health. I was also irritable, rigid about my routine, and losing weight rapidly. My parents finally pointed out that I was starving myself with too few calories, and I began to eat more and exercise less. However, my eating was still disordered for years. Since the eating disorder was cloaked in my medical conditions, it took me a long time to parcel out what had happened to me. And, judging by their comments at the time, neither did my family and friends. Everyone seemed to focus on my weight, my weight, my weight. But no one brought up my behaviors, like the regimented way I ate, or how I obsessed over certain foods.


No one from my past relationships had made a point to ask me this question. Instead, I always had to force the information about how my eating disorder might show up in our relationship on these people. And it was more important than most people realize. In a study that looked at how women with anorexia nervosa experience intimacy in their romantic relationships, these women pointed to their partners understanding their eating disorders as a significant factor in feeling emotional closeness. When it comes to body image among people with eating disorders, these issues can run deep.

As a medical student, he had spent a single day looking at a PowerPoint presentation on eating disorders.

If you suffer from an eating disorder now or have in the past, please call or write Joanna for a free telephone consultation. This site is designed to offer you guidance, information and inspiration. For personal recovery work, you can talk with Joanna, a private practice eating disorder specialist working with adult women.

How to Be a Good Partner to Someone With an Eating Disorder

SOmetimes it feels like I am making it better and other times I feel like I am dealing with it all wrong. What do I do? Having a loved one struggle with an eating disorder is an incredible challenge — not only do you feel like you have to witness their struggle but you too can end up feeling helpless to the disorder that is running your loved ones life and therefore sometimes your own life as well. In the end, it is up to her to decide if she wants to and is ready to get well.

Below is information on the various support organizations and helplines in Buenos Aires. While some have English-speaking staff and volunteers, there is no guarantee that English is spoken. The Argentinian Red Cross provides help in a variety of circumstances, including drug addicts and their families, people affected by HIV, immigrants and the elderly. It runs assistance centers for drug addicts and their families. The centers offer emergency and psychological help, a meeting place and a shelter. Further services include social integration classes and first aid courses, assistance in finding accommodation and much more.

5 Things You Should Know About Your Girlfriend With an Eating Disorder

Please help me, how can I get her to stop? He was angry, depressed, and felt utterly betrayed and helpless. It seems unlikely, insane even, that someone could actually hide an eating disorder from their partner for so long , but it's actually fairly common. Eating disorders notoriously thrive in isolation, so the eating disorder itself is going to make sure that it has vast amounts of privacy. It does anything it can to protect itself. That's normal.

May 29, - I have no actual experience with eating disorders but I tried to help anyways. She wants to weigh less because she wants to be skinny.

I loved her deeply and thought she was perfect in every way. We loved each other, and when it was good, it was very good. I knew she was sick, depressed and insecure.

My adult son is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, who has a serious eating disorder. When he first met her she was slim but healthy. Unbeknown to him, she had recently recovered from anorexia.

To all the women who have lost their faith in good, decent men; meet my boyfriend. I had anorexia and there was a strong possibility that, despite our best efforts, we might not be able to fix it ourselves. In other words, the emotional trauma of maintaining a relationship with his girlfriend of 18 months, whilst she was confined to a psychiatric hospital, was simply too terrifying to fathom at the age of





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