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How to become friends on dragon city

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Walkthrough Dragon City: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

Coronavirus response: We have free resources to support you through the pandemic. Want to help? Support our nonprofit work. Skip to Content. Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Parent reviews for Dragon City. Common Sense says Seemingly for kids; purchases, privacy issues age it up. Based on our expert review. Based on 22 reviews. Based on 15 reviews. Add your rating. Parents say 22 Kids say Adult Written by KW4 January 15, Deceptive; very pay-to-win; lots of problems; inappropriate for kids Apologies - for some reason spaces didn't come out in this review and it came out like a big block of text As other reviews have stated, this game is very pay-to-win; personally I'm not a fan of this model at all.

I'd rather that a game charged me a base price off the bat and then left me alone. Instead this game makes it painfully obvious that you need to spend money, and lots of it, to play "as intended"; even if it wasn't such a large amount of money, players just don't like feeling deceived. With what they try to get you to do, you'd end up spending hundreds of dollars no exaggeration -- to play a phone game! The gem thing is pretty deceptive too, because as I said they're very hard to come by, and several times now I had spent a large number of them accidentally-- in a way that I'm pretty sure the game wants you to be tricked into spending.

For example, usually when you tap on some text you get an explanation of what that text is about; I tapped on some text for an explanation, and it resulted in me spending a bunch of gems for that thing. So they want you to get frustrated and just buy the gems. One thing that really irritates me though is the way that combat works: no matter what the level of my dragons has been, I am pretty much consistently being paired against rivals FAR above my level ex.

Then I'd level my dragons higher, and once I'd reach the higher level, then I'd be paired against players who again are absurdly higher than my new level-- so the case isn't that there just aren't players at my level available. You can skip the rival they pair you up against, at a cost-- and the cost gets higher and higher each time you skip, and then gets into currency you can't afford to spend food, gems etc.

So you're basically being penalized for not wanting to fight against rivals twice your level against whom you stand no chance?

How is that fun? Where is the enjoyment in this "combat"? I mean, isn't the entire point of getting and raising these dragons to eventually take them into combat? Then there's the social aspect: very deceptive of the company who made this to make the game appear so child-friendly when there's definitely inappropriate stuff going on in the chats. The chats are largely "can someone join my alliance," but apart from that, pretty often there's also "I'm a year-old girl who is looking for a boyfriend," and there are indeed outright sexual comments.

Also, as ridiculous as this sounds, there are a few dragons who are weirdly dressed like human women in scandalous outfits most of the dragons don't look like actual dragons. But I guess letting children see borderline pornographic depictions of women has become a norm in video games?

One other thing that I think the company really needs to work on is that a lot of stuff is not explained sufficiently and is not clear, and usually you learn about it through making costly mistakes. Finally there's the matter of things taking a long time where of course they want to get you to pay real money to speed things up ; personally this isn't my biggest complaint, because I'm fine with starting a task and going about my day and then checking on it later-- and there's just so much other stuff in the game that irritates me a lot more.

The example of when the time issue does bug me is when they make special "events" the maze, etc which again are deceptively advertised as presumably being possible to complete-- but you can't, really. Because in order to advance each step you need an increasing amount of currency which you can't realistically get within the time limit they give you, and it increases so much that it becomes blatantly clear they just want you to spend real money if you really want to complete it.

Just deceptive all around. In conclusion: this game had potential-- but it's just so deceptive that it almost feels insulting. Maybe a lot of other games are like this too and this is just the norm-- but honestly, don't waste your time, and don't waste your child's time.

This title contains: Sexy stuff. This review Helped me decide. Had useful details. Read my mind 1. Report this review. Parent Written by itsnorm March 23, New chat and alliance features nearly make this adults-only The developers of Dragon City recently added chat and "alliance" features that encourage players to interact with one another.

There is some basic profanity filter, but it's easy to circumvent and there are no moderators. I spent 5 minutes in the general chat room and it was filled with tons of childish and profane remarks that were unsuitable for my 9 year old.

In addition, players seem to be sharing a lot of personal information about themselves. I have found no way to add parental control over these features, and apparently to "win" at this game, alliances are nearly required.

I say you should now reserve this for your 15 or 16 year old. Even still, remind them of the potential for predators and catfishers. This title contains: Language. Helped me decide 1. Read my mind. Adult Written by Mel A. August 28, Terrible Company The game is fun but graphics okay but you don't get what you pay for the short you on tasks gems and coins the when you breed dragons you just keeep getting same old dragons over and over.

Overall application sucks. Your game has no integrity. Neither does your company. Bad people don't bother other much cooler dragon games out therw where yoh don't have to harass your friends or spend a fortune tonkove forward in game.

This title contains: Consumerism. Had useful details 1. Parent Written by SueBee July 26, Not sure what title I should give To earn gyms you are forced to doing something like watching a video. Keep collecting gold and keep collecting food and jewels. Pay for it. Parent of a 4, 4, and 7-year-old Written by Elenabatalla May 11, Extremely addictive and keeps asking for money My child was obsessed with having to spend money on this game to get different dragons.

Extremely addictive. Adult Written by Deadanimal May 7, They need to make it where you can actually beat an event without paying money. Adult Written by ValPro March 11, This title contains: Ease of Play. Adult Written by Cmama37 February 14, Not for kids It looks friendly and is rated for kids. The app itself has chat available that is not monitored. The app tries to trick you into buying things real money and people asking for personal information from children.

The ads on this game are horrendous. I know that's something parents don't think about me included but the ads are all inappropriate explicit games. So that's something to think about too. We didn't have it long enough to get much more information but I'd trust these other reviewers as well Adult Written by Kazleach November 10, Avoid this game!!!!

The payments were taken out with no warnings of a payment amount to be taken but with being told to press to get a gift. Each time you pressed to get a gift, more money was taken from our account. Google have contacted the app but they will not answer. Adult Written by vaf September 6, My 11 year old loved this game and, sadly, I found the chat feature too late. There is no way to hide or turn off the chat feature. Adult Written by Dixietrixie January 18, Extremely unhappy Im 12 The people who created this game are extremely greedy and liers.

When I started this game in the tutorial it told me I could earn gems by doing stuff. Well I've been doing those stuff for a very long time now and have not earned a single gem.

Without gems the game is very boring because all you is wait around for an egg to hatch or the next battle to be available. So you have to buy gems and they are very over priced considering how fast you go through them.

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Game Genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often. What are islands? In the game Dragon City, your task is to become the Lord of the dragons and bring out, train and collect as many of these creatures as possible!

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FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. My kid is spamming my Facebook friends with Dragon City invites. I de-authorized the FB app to post on my behalf through Facebook settings, but it's still very easy to send invitations to all Facebook friends through the Dragon City app which my son usually plays on my iPad. As far as I understand, there's no way to play Dragon City without linking it to a Facebook account. Is there anyway to turn off the ability to invite Facebook friends?

Dinner with oversea friends - Restaurant Gold Dragon City

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Editors' Choice. Socialpoint Simulation. Add to Wishlist. Ready to take on the hottest dragon game and collect and breed tons of adorable fire-breathing dragons?


I only have 8 friends and need a few more to get an island. How do I find other people who play dragon city to friend me? Another good idea is to make more friends in real life, and invite them on FB. That has an added benefit of rewards in the game. I'd really rather not add a bunch of people on Facebook that I don't know.

Three short novels chronicle the rise and fall of Sunlon City, heart of a faraway world populated by warring nations.

Add me i havent many friends i have 9 need some more. Hi, My name is Sharon. I found u under "add me" for Dragon City, i could use more players if your still interested feel free to add me.

How do I get more friends

Ready to take on the hottest dragon game and collect and breed tons of adorable fire-breathing dragons? Train them to your will, grow your collection, build your city, and prove your might to be the top Dragon Master in the world! Build a Dragon City on floating islands, fill it with farms, habitats, buildings…and tons of dragons!

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Parent reviews for Dragon City


Dragon city add new friends. 30K likes. Precisando de novos aliados no dragon city vizinhos presentes? então junte-se a nós!








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