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How to find a missing person in bangalore

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to find a missing person in India?

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Finding lost people, that too when they have dementia, is a big problem in Bengaluru. The success rate of finding a person who is genuinely lost is dismally low as the Police Department is not equipped or staffed properly to deal with it. For small children it is even lower. Tracking a person who cannot communicate, such as a dumb or mentally challenged person, is practically impossible. My dad went missing last weekend.

My dad has Alzheimers disease. Although he is physically fine, he is not able to communicate even the simplest things. From the outset, we were told that our chances of finding him again were low. Our first instinct was to get as many people as possible on the road to scan the area. My wife Paluk reached out to everyone we knew while I started the search for dad. The care-taker whose carelessness had put us in this spot told us that he had lost track of dad in Indiranagar. We posted flyers all over Indiranagar and spoke to passers-by, dhobis, ironing persons, mailmen… anyone if they had seen anyone with a white shirt and white dhoti holding or wearing a blue sweater.

As I walked the streets with a colour photo of him in my hand, the futility of the situation hit me over and over again. I asked myself if I were in the place of the people who were being asked, would I even be able to notice, forget recall an unknown person walking by me. I could only pray that dad would somehow leave an impression on passers-by. While facing disappointment and discouragement on the one hand, we were also witness to the humanity and sacrifice of the volunteers who came to our side at this trying time.

At any given time we would have 10 — 20 volunteers on the road searching for dad. This gave us encouragement and hope that we would find dad soon. We got a number of sightings once news began to spread. The thing about sightings is that its pretty impossible to verify whether it really was dad or someone who looked like dad or maybe a lie altogether. To deal with this, we changed our strategy. We would first show the photo and check for recognition. Looking at the other points a credible story seemed to be appear.

In this way we moved from one area to the next, following the most credible of the sightings. According to the data that fit the story, dad had crossed over to ft rd from Domlur and then moved up to Kodigehalli and then moved to CMH road and adjoining areas over the course of three days. While the volunteers and I were on the streets doing the search, Paluk went about organising media coverage such as more pamphlets, putting an ad in the news paper and even getting us sometime on the TV and cable channels.

My brother also flew down from the US to help in the search. The commander-in-chief of the southern naval command called and assured me that no stone would remain un-turned to see that dad was returned safely. The Navy applied pressure on the police and also provided a few personnel to help in the search. MLAs and influential persons from Bangalore and the center called up the police station to put more pressure on the police.

A WhatsApp group was created and all the updates appeared there. A friend of mine Albert Bivera from Mumbai pulled in a lot of people into the search and also helped directing the groups via WhatsApp.

The search was physically and emotionally taxing. We would go to sleep every day at 2am only to wake up at 5 am and continue. To be closer to the place where dad went missing, a friend of ours Srobono offered her place and we stayed there. On Tuesday, I reached a point where the emotional turmoil inside and the physical exhaustion on the outside, put me in a zombie state, not having the energy to care anymore but still caring too much to stop.

I sat at one of the places dad had already been, hoping that he would return, while directing other groups so that their searches would not overlap. On Tuesday night we combed a two-mile radius around Chinmaya mission hospital at night, hoping to catch him while he slept. This was done with a beat policeman Manjunath.

No luck. Wednesday morning all the leads went cold. There were no new sightings of dad. We combed the area around Chinmaya Mission Hospital twice that morning, but did not get any new leads. The number of volunteers at that time was very few more were coming in the afternoon and we started looking at hiring private detectives to continue the search. We were also thinking of getting colour posters printed and pasting them all over Indiranagar.

For me, the biggest question, was where do homeless people sleep? Any homeless person on the pavements, I learnt, was picked up by the police and handed over to some NGO organisation. For healthy homeless people it is usually the Beggars Colony, and for mentally challenged destitutes it is RVM foundation hospital on Bannerghatta Road.

We also found that the places where homeless people can sleep without getting caught by the police are only BDA complexes, railway stations and bus stands. We searched all the complexes, stations and bus stands nearby but no luck. A friend of ours sent a photo of dad to RVM foundation to check for dad.

We quickly asked for a photo. They responded on whatsapp. I rushed from Indiranagar to Bannerghatta Road to verify that it indeed was dad. I reached RVM Hospital by about 5.

Tears of joy and gratitude to the heavens! Dad had been found on Tuesday evening in a dried up lake near Anekal. We were told at RVM Hospital that this was the first time a missing person had been taken home within an hour of arriving.

He had mud on his feet and hair, but otherwise physically he was fine. If my dad was in Anekal on Tuesday evening, then who were we tracking in Indiranagar? How could a person with no money reach Anekal? Did the caretaker lie to us about where he lost him in the first place it turned out he had already lied about the form of transport he had taken and the reason for him going to Indirinagar If he lied, why did he do so?

These questions for the most part will remain unanswered, we have filed complaint against the caretaker to see if there was a bigger plan here. In conclusion, we are really happy that dad is back and this is a call to us to be more vigilant about his care. We thank all the volunteers for their help and support. We hope we will be able to be of service to you in the future.

The police handling of lost cases, from accepting the FIR to the actual work of finding leaves much to be desired. I hope to contribute there in the future. Support Citizen Matters - independent, Reader-funded media that covers your city like no other. Click to Donate. Get in-depth and insightful stories on issues that affect you every day! He was an Alzhiemers patient. After much publicity on television, newspapers and social media, he was found on July 30th evening, at 5 pm, on Bannerghatta Road.

This is an account of how the family was able to trace him. Get the Citizen Matters newsletter. About Paramananda Ponnaiyan 1 Article. The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to her or his author profile.

120 vanish without a trace every month

Our team of professional detectives are experts in tracing and locating missing persons. We have a pan-India presence that lets us quickly track and identify the missing individual and bring them back to their families. This equals to children missing in a day and 65, in a normal year.

Government agencies will only begin looking for a missing child at a specific amount of time after the child was last seen and by that time, it may be too late if the child has been kidnapped by a pedophile or child killer. Government agencies are also reluctant, due to thinning resources, to search for people who voluntarily left home or for those who live on the streets.

Bangalore Detective Services contain the ability of finding Missing Persons of all kinds that is friends, relatives or cheaters. Bangalore Detective Services has a widespread network of contacts and outstanding experience in thorough Investigation to help and follow people who may have gone missing for any long duration of time. Our company guarantees you the successful results, when we take our service for finding a missing person. Our highly dedicated team has an outstanding record of tracing down persons who have been missing for extensive periods of time.


Sleuths India is a premier private investigation agency with years of market years in tracking down even the most elusive individuals. We have the largest team of investigators in the domain and use the most sophisticated technology, tools and gadgets to locate missing people. We have access to databases not available to our competitors in the domain which helps us locate any individual and help our clients in need. We do missing people investigation to locate individuals in India and outside as well. Further, our experience in ski tracing is leveraged by the industry and common people of society for serving different purposes. You can get in touch with Sleuths India for finding missing person as our team of investigators has solved hundreds of cases in this field. Whether someone is actually missing or is deliberately hiding to avoid paying loan or debt, we are capable in tracing them down all. We help clients find about the person they search.

Now, a website to track missing kids

We are a group of people trying to make people meet their family. GumShuda is a mobile application, which allows you to share the picture and details of people you see on road side, and feel they are lost. Kids and old people who are forced into begging or kidnapped and being used for several illegal activities can find their way back home. Files of FIRs are filled with such cases, however best possible way to get them back to their home is using the technologies to make them meet their families. Even if we can do it for one of them, our purpose is solved.

Police have not been able to trace him, or even tell his family whether he is dead or alive.

Description: Eye side are week and we're spactacle always. Description: Himachal se hai or ex army hai Description: sardar from panipat hariyana se bata raha hai.

Online FIR Bangalore And E-lost Report App – Everything You Should Know

News City News Now, a website to track missing kids. This story is from July 2, Bangalore's software industry responded with ala crity to a statement by IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad here that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was keen on such a portal.

Age : 15 Years As on Recovery Date. Guardian :. Recovery Date :. Age : 8 Years As on Recovery Date. Age : 6 Years As on Recovery Date. Guardian : Lakshmana Kulla.

Missing Person/Help Tracing

Investigation is the monitoring of behavior without the target being made aware that they are being monitored, and tailing is a specific method of following an individual to gather information about their activities. Shadowing or tailing a person helps one to find out the exact activity of the person. It normally includes where the subject goes, whom the subject meets, what the subject does, etc. Our team of professional performs their job with absolute professionalism and care so that the person shadowing would at no stage come to know that he is under Investigation. The report would be backed by evidence in the nature of pictures and video recording. Investigation serves many purposes, and it is a more simplistic way to gather information about a person without raising any red flags or making them aware that someone is looking into their daily life. Maybe you just want to get a sense of how someone is spending their day?

Dec 30, - How To Find A Recently Missing Person. If someone has recently disappeared, here's what you should do as soon as possible: Call Hospitals.

Over the first six months of , the daily average number of missing women has gone up compared to previous years. On an average, daily, 23 went missing and only 13 were traced. The missing persons include men, women, boys and girls.

Finding my lost father in Bengaluru

When a loved one goes missing it is one of the most shocking incidents of life. It is shocking because we do not know what has happened to the loved one! If a person is dead the survivors at least have a reason to lament that the departed soul will never come back but when a loved one goes missing there is always a hope that they will return one day.

40 persons go missing every day in Karnataka, only half are traced

Indian Police claims that more than 50, people are reported to be missing every year. Whether the person has gone missing deliberately to hide from financers or banker, or the person is genuinely missing, we can help you in both the cases. Simply contact our missing person tracing agency and give our detectives an idea of who you want to find.

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VIS put together teams of specialists to be led by experts specifically for these cases. These are not inexpensive and do demand a committed effort from our clients. The emotional burdens of these types of cases is great and its important you put your trust in VIS to execute the right steps to reunite you with your loved ones. The term "missing person" is used to refer to people who have been abducted, or who have disappeared on their own accord, and law enforcement investigations follow a specific protocol depending on the circumstances.

Finding lost people, that too when they have dementia, is a big problem in Bengaluru. The success rate of finding a person who is genuinely lost is dismally low as the Police Department is not equipped or staffed properly to deal with it. For small children it is even lower. Tracking a person who cannot communicate, such as a dumb or mentally challenged person, is practically impossible. My dad went missing last weekend. My dad has Alzheimers disease.

Read on as this article discusses points such as what an FIR is, why you need to file and FIR and how to file it online. Well, nobody likes visiting a police station but in some cases, it is a necessity. If you are the victim of a criminal offence or see one taking place, it is your right and duty to file an FIR on the basis of which an investigation can be started.

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