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How to look attractive with glasses guys

Updated: February 19, References. Though glasses were once considered to be nerdy and uncool, that idea has been over for a long time since the fashion and beauty industries decided to get involved in making prescription and nonprescription lenses. In fact, many people nowadays consider glasses not just to be necessary for treating vision problems, but also stylish accessories and additions to any outfit. This means that you'll be able to look hot not even though you wear glasses, but because you wear glasses!

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A Word About Glasses

Updated: May 6, Reader-Approved References. Glasses are great fashion accessories, and can really change your look. Choosing the right type of glasses, accompanying hairstyle, and accessories can help you to feel ultra-cool in your specs and rock the style with confidence!

Looking cool in glasses is about being confident and blending them into your style. Remember that a lot of attractive people wear glasses, including many celebrities.

Use jewelry to offset your glasses. Stick to small, dainty earrings and try matching them with your frames. Black frames go with any color jewelry, but clear frames go best with silver, blue, or green jewelry. You can also use your hairstyle to complement your glasses. If you have small frames, go for a bold hairstyle or match wide frames with a subtler hairstyle.

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Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Choose frames that sit well. The line at the top of your frames should be in line with your eyebrows as much as possible.

Choose a neutral frame color. Keep in mind that you will probably wear them a lot, and you want them to be easy to pair with your outfit. Also some days you may feel like standing out and other days you may not. You may want to consider getting a pair of glasses that shows off your fun side, and one or more frames for everyday. For example, if you have striking blue eyes, you may want to choose blue frames. Your skin tone is the main element that will determine the best color for you.

If you have a cool complexion olive, blue or pink undertones look for frames that also have a cool color scheme, such as black, blue-gray, silver, or purple. If you have a warm complexion yellow or peach , look for frame colors in those tones — for example, gold, orange, tortoise, or khaki.

If your face is long, widen its appearance with frames that have color or decoration on the temples which differ from the front of the glasses. This will visually break up and widen your face. Select a frame shape. Choose a frame style that complements your face shape. If you have an angular face shape, you can balance that out with rounded frames. To the contrary, if your face is round, you can visually lengthen its appearance with angular frames. For a square face, keep frames slim and avoid rectangular lenses.

However, avoid frames that are very thin, which can make your face appear longer than it is. Heart shaped faces look good with thick-bottomed frames. If you select butterfly frames — where the outside edges are wider than the edges near your nose — make sure the corners are square instead of round. If your forehead is wide but you also have a prominent jawline, you can soften those features with oval or round frames.

Pick a frame material. Metal is the most popular type of frame material, and there are many metals to choose from. Titanium is hypoallergenic and lightweight. Stainless steel is also lightweight, as well as strong and flexible.

Aluminum is often used in high-end eyewear. Plastic frames are lightweight, available in many colors, and less expensive than other alternatives. Nylon is a great choice for sporty glasses. Compare materials and choose the one s you feel will benefit you the most. Factors to consider are hypo-allergenic, strong, light-weight, flexible, corrosion resistant, and the variety of patterns, colors and textures available. Test new glasses. If your glasses are new, you should test them by moving around in them.

Method 2 of Take selfies. Before wearing your glasses out in public, take video or photos of yourself in them with different facial expressions. Review the video or photos to help you become accustomed to the way they look on you. Think of your glasses as an extension of your personality! Find inspiration.

Acknowledge the benefits of glasses. Ignore critics. Be cool in the face of criticism, if you encounter any.

Any negative stereotype that exists about glasses can be outweighed by considering the real and positive statistics about eyeglass wearers. Keep your glasses in good condition. Clean your glasses. Never set your glasses down somewhere you can sit on and break them. Method 3 of Use glasses as a complement to your style. Otherwise your glasses can look costumey instead of fashionable. As you become accustomed to wearing your frames with confidence, you can slowly move up to bolder styles that still feel complimentary to your personality and style.

Choose jewelry to compliment your frames. Small, dainty earrings will add polish to your look. Avoid long, bulky, and dangly earrings. Consider the color of your frames when selecting your jewelry. Eyeglasses with black frames can go with any color of jewelry. If your frames are tortoise or brown, consider wearing gold jewelry, If your frames are clear, silver, or a cool tone like blue or green, opt for silver metals and jewelry with stones.

Style your hair to go with your frames. Consider taking your glasses with you when you visit your hair stylist for a cut or style, so that you can make sure it will compliment your frames. As a rule of thumb, think in opposites: if you have soft frames, go with a bold hairstyle, and vice versa. If you have wide frames, avoid hairstyles with a lot of volume on the sides — go for height on top instead.

If your frames are large, avoid long, low-volume hairstyles. Try layered styles with volume on the sides. Method 4 of Keep your eyebrows groomed. Glasses can draw attention to unkempt eyebrows. If you shape your eyebrows , you may want to stay on top of that if you wear glasses. You can also arch or fill in your eyebrows.

6 Tips to Help Every Man Find the Best Glasses

A long time ago…. This post is brought to you by GlassesUSA. In fact, glasses make you look smarter. A number of studies reveal that eyeglasses can cause people to perceive you as more intelligent. This means people may believe you're more likely to succeed than others — or you're more successful than you actually are.

As most kids, growing up I hated routine health checks. Except for one part — vision check.

Updated: May 6, Reader-Approved References. Glasses are great fashion accessories, and can really change your look. Choosing the right type of glasses, accompanying hairstyle, and accessories can help you to feel ultra-cool in your specs and rock the style with confidence! Looking cool in glasses is about being confident and blending them into your style.

How To Look GREAT In Glasses | Find The Best Men’s Eyeglasses

Long ago, wearing optical glasses was basically synonymous with being uncool. Sure, some people may still prefer their frame-free contacts; however, everyone from academics to celebrities sport a pair of glasses every now and then. But thanks to the seemingly endless eyewear options — rimless, horn-rim, tortoise, and wire, for example — finding a pair that fits your face and aesthetic can be a struggle. Luckily, there are tricks to make this search easier. A man wearing glasses iStock. We get it: Going into an optical store can be overwhelming. Not only are there hundreds of shapes, colors, and frames, but what seems like a never-ending array of lens sizes.





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Feb 19, - In fact, many people nowadays consider glasses not just to be necessary for treating Will I still be attractive to men/women if I wear glasses?








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