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My ex girlfriend got back with her ex boyfriend

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I can relate. A big contributing factor to starting this blog years ago was due to rejection from a BPD girlfriend I had at the time. Without a doubt, neediness is the number 1 attraction killer. When you get needy, the relationship dies. You are no longer attractive. We have been getting on really well and she has showed an attraction to me.

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She Left Me For Her Ex: What Am I Supposed To Do Now?!

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I can relate. A big contributing factor to starting this blog years ago was due to rejection from a BPD girlfriend I had at the time. Without a doubt, neediness is the number 1 attraction killer. When you get needy, the relationship dies. You are no longer attractive. We have been getting on really well and she has showed an attraction to me. She always texts me back real quick, was always first to write to me everyday, sex we had was amazing. I just thought we were both very happy.

Roughly 2 weeks ago she says she had a doctors appointment giving her a bit of bad news. About a week after with her being totally off with me, now she wants space.

She says she just wants to be friends. I feel pretty gutted to be honest. What do i need to do? Shes going through a break up with her boyfriend a few weeks back, and then her bad news from the doctors appointment. Is this the reason for her needing space? I need help. You were the rebound. The rebound period can last anywhere from a one night stand to several months.

It depends entirely on how long the girl was with her ex boyfriend. There are also other guys who text her daily wanting to take her out and hook up. Your goal as a new guy is to NOT mess up the dates so that you can eventually become number 1 in her eyes.

If you screw up the dates and make mistakes, her interest for you will fall and the other guys will move up on her prospect list, including her ex boyfriend.

NEVER assume that the girl will commit to you. You need to learn how to get her to commit to you and toss all the other guys aside. I highly recommend you listen to podcast episode Anger and hatred obviously leads to negative thoughts and behaviors on a daily, consistent basis. For the past couple of years now, the media has been nothing but negative.

This is all on purpose, of course. Getting rid of the negativity in your life is the first step to any sort of happiness. Therefore, if you want to be a happier, more positive person in life, start by removing the news out of your life. As a result, your relationships have no choice but to be toxic. Negativity breed toxicity. On the day of the election, I laughed at all these images of people crying because Trump won. Imagine being so mentally weak and fragile that you CRY over the thought of Trump being president.

Get away from the media for a month or so and tell me how you feel afterwards. Of course, all of these people sad and depressed about politics suffer from neediness at their core. I know a girl who dumped her liberal boyfriend for a Trump guy.

She absolutely hates Trump, but this guy is simply positive and constantly giving off good vibes. So, please remove ALL sources of negativity from your life. Stop following people on social media, turn off the negative liberal news, put down the newspapers and magazines. The theme of this article is all about the dangers of being a needy person.

And, perhaps you were triggered by all my words above about Trump and how his haters are the most negative people on the planet which is true. The fact of the matter is that I write in an obnoxious way at times in order to test your level of emotional control. This is just like women. They test men to see how in control of their emotions he truly is. And, much of these tests are retarded in nature. The best thing you can do is fix your neediness.

Check out this lovely email I recently got:. I think you are wrong about women and it is not a weakness to be upset about Trump as the President. I prefer a different type of asshole, the one with intelligence and confidence without the need to be arrogant in such an obvious way. Try that, buddy. These losers really believe that.

How is being smart, confident and humble representative of an asshole? I love talking about Trump from time to time because it triggers many readers. It gives me entertaining hate mail which I can share with you and give us all a chuckle. Some readers get upset because they claim it that political topics have nothing to do with relationships.

As I stated yesterday, if you get upset and triggered over Trump, then you definitely get angry and upset in your relationships. This is because you lack emotional control. This is key to healthy, fulfilling relationships. Why do you think all of my coaching podcasts are really about breaking away from codependency and developing mindsets that make you attractive?

On the other hand, the independent person is purpose-driven. They are living life their own way by their own rules. They are mysterious and unpredictable. Actually intelligent. High level of awareness. The opposite of needy. My coaching podcasts and courses are designed to help you become this independent, forward-thinking type of individual.

You just proved my point though. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do you want to know why your girlfriend ran back to her ex boyfriend? Do you want her back? Then you want to read this article. Why else would you be here? Including her ex boyfriend. If you make any mistakes during the rebound period, you will lose the girl. The longer a girl was with the ex, the longer the rebound period may be.

Think of my Coaching Podcasts as the script you must adhere to. Apply what I teach in these podcasts for 90 days and see how much your relationships improve. How do you do that? Well, you start by killing your neediness. Polarization leads to irrational hatred and anger. You can check the news once a week, max. This is a simple fact. Why do I tell you all this? Of course your ex loses interest in you, leaves you for someone more positive and open-minded.

You want to feel empowered? See, not only does neediness affect relationships, but it also affects your LIFE. Your partner loses all attraction for you due to your negativity. Give yourself several weeks of zero negativity and watch how quickly your negativity evaporates. Not only will your life improve, but your relationships will improve as well. If you respond in the correct way, you pass the test and she falls more in love with you.

Thus is the way with women these days. A lot of these tests come from a place of insecurity. Anyway, the key is to pass these tests. How do you do that you ask? Neediness is the root of most relationship problems. Like I was saying earlier, I test as well. I beg to differ.

How To Get Your Ex Back Permanently – 5 Step Plan

There are plenty of reasons that relationships fail. But understanding why women walk away is no easy task. But, what I do understand is human behavior and psychology. Back then, people would commit to each other and fight to stay together.

When you get your ex back, you want them committed to making it work this time. This article will teach you how.

The woman you love, the woman you want to be with, the woman who you feel is your soul mate, has left you to get back together with her ex. The fact of the matter, and though this is a hard pill to swallow, is that she chose another man over you and we need to figure out why. The fact of the matter is that your ex felt like something was lacking in your relationship that she could find in her relationship with her ex. Some people can feel suffocated and need a different balance in their relationships. If she was feeling unappreciated by you, it means that you may not have been expressing your gratitude for her as much as she would have liked.

Why Your Girlfriend Ran Back To Her Ex Boyfriend

That being said, I met a girl online a few weeks before I learned about you… in fact, she sparked me to search for answers because I really really clicked with her at first. I noticed a shift in our texting relationship during the period I was reading your emails and trying to learn. This was before I learned of your texting style. She sent me a text this morning saying she went back to her ex boyfriend and wanted to be honest with me. I let her go by saying I appreciated her honesty and to call me if things changed. Could you help me out by giving me some advice on how I might be able to get this girl back into my world? I only knew her for two weeks and her walking away is somehow more painful then my ex whom I was with for six months… call it chemistry, call it a hunch, it feels different.

My ExGirlfriend Left Me for Her Ex

It just made sense. Still, there are times when one unexpectedly finds oneself in a period of sexual vagrancy—maybe you got dumped, or a bad fight ended your relationship abruptly, or your back-up plan just fell through. It happens to the best of us. You know the drill.

The end of his romantic relationship with his ex basically made him so anxious that he thought about his ex very often and fantasized about her return.

Breaking up is tough, and seeing your ex-girlfriend with someone else is especially painful. In the meantime, work on improving any shortcomings that led to the breakup. Log in Facebook.

I Broke Up With My Boyfriend And He Went Back To His Ex

Well, sometimes people want to go back to what is comfortable,especially after a breakup. They believe will make them feel better… or, i suppose, less bad. The main thing I want to cover today is when you ended things and with him and he just went back to his ex.

Should we stay in contact? It seems to me that your ex-girlfriend though is she really yet your ex if she keeps texting and being in touch with you? She breaks up with her ex and, presumably, feels great about it. The moment you go away, she gets more interested. She starts texting and calling.

The Post-Relationship Crutch: When Sleeping With Your Ex Becomes a Cock Block


Here's how a lot of my clients got their ex back and you can too STEP 1 – Stop Screwing Up Your Chances with Neediness, Insecurity May it be your ex girlfriend, ex boyfriend, ex wife, ex husband or an ex fiancé. Her ex was in a rebound.








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