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What to get a 12 year girl for christmas

While some might still enjoy some of the toys others will frown upon the idea of being given a toy. Well the best way to find that out is to simply ask her what she wants. Money and gift cards can be far from personal but they do the trick most of the time. Check it Out. Make Up if parents allow and if she wears it. Yes, you guessed it these are all a huge hit with tweens — most of their friends in this age group already have phones and other gadgets so this is somethng you could consider.



Best Gifts for a 12 Year Old Girl

Not quite a teen yet but not a child either, being 12 is a difficult time. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera. This Fujifilm Instax is small enough for her to take with her everywhere and get print outs instantly. Apple iPad. Technology is a part of everyday life now and it can be used for so many different things. An Apple iPad can be used to access social media but also give her access to the internet as well as the tools to do well in her education and homework.

AquaSprouts Garden. Give her something to look after and take pride in with this AquaSprouts Garden. This Magical Unicorn Stress Relief Kit would be perfect for helping her calm down and not get too worked up. Perfect for watching videos on the internet or listening to music, this Beats wireless headphones by Dr.

Dre would make a great gift for your 12 year old girl. And this adorable light up glittery unicorn is the perfect one for a 12 year old girl. Pley Toy Subscription Box. A monthly subscription box which gets delivered to your door filled with brilliant ideas which are picked for their age range. Create Your Own Bath Bombs. Bath bombs are an essential to make any bath time relaxing but the ones you can get at the store can be expensive.

Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa. It also has Alexa which she can ask for help, what the weather is like, and to make lists for her, too. These hair chalks can be used to let your daughter experiment with her hair color without it being permanent. They can be applied to dry hair and will work on any hair color or shade.

STEM education is something which is important to our kids these days as it focuses on science, technology, engineering and math, all of which are great career paths to go down. This monthly subscription box contains experiments which will help them develop their STEM skills.

Rose Gold Flamingo Pool Toy. In a beautiful shimmering rose gold color, this flamingo ride on toy is the perfect thing for her to lounge on and enjoy the warm weather. Presented in a beautiful box, this set of 8 handmade bath bombs is the perfect gift for a 12 year old girl.

USA Scratch Map. Mark your travels across America with this Scratch Map. Yarn Unicorn Kit. Use this kit to wrap a pair of beautiful unicorns which you can put anywhere around your home.

These two mystical beasts will have rainbow manes and tails as well as a sparkling silver horn. Light Up Unicorn Slippers. Everyone should own a pair of slippers and these Kawaii style ones will be absolutely perfect for any 12 year old. Not only are they in the shape of adorably fluffy unicorns but they have lights in their cheeks which flash through a rainbow of colors.

Plush Rabbit Eye Mask. Getting their clothes right can be a challenge, especially when they start getting their own sense of style and mind. Think Fun Gravity Maze. Is there any better way to get your kids learning than with a game? Board games make great gifts for 12 year old girls, and this Gravity Maze one will make them use their logic and critical thinking.

SP Fortnite Backpack. Perfect for both kids and adults, this quick draw card game is a must have for family game night.

Choose a card and try to draw what the prompt says before the timer runs out. The first to finish their drawing keeps the card and whoever has the most at the end, wins. Bunch O Balloons. In the summer months, there is nothing more fun than a simple water balloon fight.

This adorable cape is a great alternative to a winter coat and will be perfect when the weather is cool but not cold enough for a huge jacket. Gain points by not wasting supplies, and for beauty too.

Even now, Harry Potter is still popular among most generations so why not turn it into a friendly competition? On your next family game night, take it in turns to see who knows the most about Hogwarts with this Harry Potter version of Trivial Pursuit. Not only does this stuffed Shar Pei look adorable, but he also comes with the code to a secret world. A ship in a bottle is an amazing thing so why not build one with your daughter using this LEGO kit? It contains everything needed to build your very own nautical creation, including the bottle and the ship inside, by using the bricks and pieces included.

Easy Weaving Loom. Weaving is a fun and easy to way to create amazing woollen items such as scarves or even cases for your cellphone or sunglasses. Pearl Style 2 Unwrapping Toy. LOL Surprise balls are really popular at the moment, probably because of the excitement and suspense they bring. Unwrap it layer by layer to get gifts and then right at the end, find your new doll. This ball is part of the limited edition Pearl Surprise range so your daughter absolutely needs it.

Mazeshop Fortnite Llama Plush Figure. Fortnite is the must have game at the moment with millions of players around the world. If you find one, you can break it open to find materials, ammo, and even traps which can help you go further in the game. Hearing Things Game. Have you ever tried to lip read what someone is saying to you in a loud room but completely misheard them?

This board game does just that; put on the noise cancelling headphones and see if you can guess what your teammates are saying to you. It produces some hilarious answers! Forbidden Island. You have to think strategically to try and stop the island from sinking while collecting its many treasures.

They might start taking pride in their room and keeping it clean which means you have to nag them less to get it tidy. Tie dye is a great way to breathe new life into old clothes or even sheets.

Urbun Elf Earbuds Headphones. Who wants to be the same as everyone else? Earphones are great for listening to music or watching videos without disturbing everyone else, but they can look a bit dull. Stickers are a great way of putting your stamp on things. Mattel Games Apples to Apples Junior. Yarn Tree Kit. Used as a place to hang her jewelry or as a pretty ornament, this rainbow yarn tree has so many different uses.

Show your daughter the games her parents used to play with the Nintendo Entertainment System. It comes preloaded with the classic games such as Super Mario Bros.

My Explorations Subscription Box. Mattel Games Magic 8 Ball. The Magic 8 Ball is a great novelty gift. Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle.

Staying hydrated is an important part of looking after ourselves. This water bottle is the best one for reminding you to drink enough as it glows when you need to drink some more, tracks your daily intake, and also links up to an app so you can keep an eye on your overall health.

Watch Ya Mouth Family Edition. Put one of the mouthpieces in and try to say one of the ordinary phrases written on the game cards — it might not come out the way you intended it to.

Perfect for game night, this can be played by the whole family with extra card bundles available to buy separately. Activating Origami Set. Origami is an amazing art and it takes incredible patience to learn how to do it. But what if those origami animals could come to life? This kit combines this ancient Japanese art with STEM knowledge and you can animate paper cranes, dragonflies, and even sheep.

Nintendo Switch. This is the ultimate games console for 12 year olds. As well as being able to play with family at home, the Nintendo Switch has the option to play on the go, so any unfinished game can be taken with you which stops them being bored in restaurants or on car journeys.

Pallina Dropping Ball Game. Perfect for keeping restless hands busy, this simple ball game can sit on a shelf or bookcase waiting to be used. Made from sustainable bamboo, the aim of the game is for you to remove the sticks without letting any of your colored balls fall, and the winner is whoever has the most balls left.

Gold Plated Orchid Flower Necklace. This is the perfect gift for 12 year old girls as they discover fashion and decide on their own individual style.

This necklace is feminine, the chain can be adjusted to the perfect length, while the cascading pink orchids give a lovely effect while being super simple.

50 Mind-blowing Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls That She’ll Love and Use

Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. While it can often be easy to find cute gifts for babies and engaging toys for toddlers , it's not always easy to buy gifts for a year-old kid — this age group is tough!

It was so easy to buy my kids toys when they were younger, but when they became middle schoolers I had no idea what they wanted! I found gifts to encourage creativity, learning, self-discovery, reading, healthy eating, parent-child connection, and outdoor play.

Not quite a teen yet but not a child either, being 12 is a difficult time. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera. This Fujifilm Instax is small enough for her to take with her everywhere and get print outs instantly. Apple iPad.

100+ Popular Gifts for Middle School Kids (Ages 11 – 14 Years Old)

It's true, year-olds are notoriously difficult to buy for. Now they're in that tweenage phase , they may be just starting to stray away from toys and instead will explore their own interests, play board games with friends, and look to follow the trends. Good Housekeeping takes the guesswork out of gift shopping for your favorite year-olds. The Good Housekeeping Institute tests cool toys and buzzy items each year both in the Toy Lab and with real parents and kids to test factors like safety, quality, and functionality. The result? The list of our annual Toy Awards winners. In addition to our award-winning toys, you'll also find more kid- and parent-approved suggestions below, plus top-rated products on Amazon that reviewers swear their own tweens love.

25 Best Toys and Gifts for 12-Year-Old Boys and Girls, According to Kids and Parenting Experts

Need great gifts for 12 year old girls? Our range of birthday gifts for girls age 12 has been approved by real live tweens. Choose from our selection of fantastic presents, from bath sets to cool odd socks. Then let us make the gift extra special with wrapping and a handwritten card.



Gifts for Girls Age 12



20 best gifts for 12 year olds 2020


By giving either of those you'll allow the girl to get whatever she wants for herself. This is another fairly safe idea to give as gifts for a 12 year old girl. Make Up.








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